After being a perpetual favorite on the jam band circuit for the first eight years of their career, ThaMuseMeant took a hiatus in 2000, but have now regrouped and revamped and are back on the road.

Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico and consisting of David Tiller on the mandolin, Aimee Curl on bass and vocals, Nathan Moore on guitar, and Enion Pelta on violin, ThaMuseMeant have become more of a sassy string band than a jam band. They have replaced drums with a violin and are focusing on the strings aspect of their sound, which has turned their formerly described "acid folk" into tattooed folk music.

It's no surprise that this group called it quits four years ago when looking at their massive discography and the amount of time they clocked on the road. Releasing five albums in eight years while touring countless festivals including the H.O.R.D.E. Tour would make even the toughest road warriors want to get off the bus. However, the band's road effort paid off in the form of a record deal with High Sierra Records and an enormous fan base. In addition, ThaMuseMeant earned much respect from their musical colleagues when sharing the stage with outstanding guests such as the String Cheese Incident, Sheryl Crow, Greg Brown, Leftover Salmon, Tragically Hip, and James McMurtry, among others.

Although ThaMuseMeant were originally known for their jam band vibe, their musical shift into a strings-oriented sound has proven to be for the better. Their stunning lyrics compliment their sound so well that although their voices are at the forefront, their impeccable musicianship shines through with ease. By combining roots of bluegrass, folk, jazz, jam, rock, and swing with lyrics that can't help but immerse audiences, ThaMuseMeant are definitely back in the game.

Their latest album, Silver Seed, is their new string-style debut and is nothing short of fantastic. Not only is it the perfect welcome back record, but it also shows how vital each band member is to the overall sound. This unique, insightful, and energetic band will be on the road this summer and should not be missed.

8.07 | Lalo's | Shasta, CA
8.12 | Sweetwater | Mill Valley, CA
8.13 | 12 Galaxies | San Francisco, CA
8.19 | Sam Bond's | Eugene, OR
8.20 | White Eagle | Portland, OR
8.21 | Good Foot| Portland, OR
8.22 | Amercian Music Festival | Forest Grove, OR

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[Published on: 8/9/04]

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