Say their name a few times out loud. Transcendental Hayride, Transcendental Hayride, Transcendental Hayride. Quickly it becomes a countrified mantra, a lysergic wagon ride along the trail, a bump-and-rumble that might shake something cool loose inside you. Venturing out from their native territory, San Francisco's psychedelisized cowpokes head for the hills and two weeks in Utah and Colorado.

Transcendental Hayride
Even with the knowledge that bassist Nick Massaro's fingers freeze to his bass when they play such climates, the band has bundled up their unique, hot spark-spilling live mojo into the van once again to return to their growing fan base in Colorado. "People out there like to dance and party and we like to party and play dance music," states singer/guitarist/general spaceman Dano Kildsig. "They smoke us out and buy drinks, a tradition we hope continues."

For those that have wondered where the band's name comes from, they can blame a SoCal heckler. "Kurt (Moss, lead guitarist) tends to talk about philosophy and spirituality in his North Carolina drawl, and a guy we knew in LA made fun of him and called it the 'Transcendental Hayride.' We thought it would be a good name," Kildsig tells us.

Besides building on the already sizeable goodness of their two albums, they will be previewing a lot of new songs. There's also a number of two-night runs to allow folks to see their full spectrum stretched out in an unrushed blur. Kildsig also plans to dabble in some old school technology. "Instead of using a CD DJ system for intros and soundtracks I'll be using a cassette four track," he says. "Kinda funny in this digital age, but it works."

Keeping sane on the road requires certain small rituals--teddy bears and willowy groupies for some, different niceties for others. This band is no exception in this department.

"I had to take up cigars 'cause everyone else smokes cigarettes and I quit. I also do New York Times crosswords and read crime fiction. Nick and I eat a lot of candy and Kurt sleeps."

Hayride plays with the bravura of quality classic rock put through a whatchamacallit mad scientist gizmo, hucklebuckin' along a dusty spaceway with a grin as shredding guitars tear a layer off the atmosphere of whatever planet they're passing. Grab your cosmic skis and ride their vapor trail for all your worth this month.

-Wednesday 3.17 | Mystic Hot Springs | Monroe, UT
-Thursday 3.18 | Mahogany Ridge | Steamboat Springs, CO
-Friday 3.19 | Spotlight Lounge | Grand Junction, CO
-Saturday 3.20 | The Roma | Telluride, CO
-Monday 3.22 and Tuesday 3.23 | The Grottos | Aspen, CO
-Wednesday 3.24 and Thursday 3.25 | Snake River Saloon | Keystone, CO
-Friday 3.26 and Saturday 3.27 | Ship of Fools | Carbondale, CO

And they return to native shores on Friday, April 2 to play at old haunt the Last Day Saloon.

Dennis Cook
JamBase | California
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[Published on: 3/15/04]

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