Furley | Savannah's | Albany, NY | 5.08.03

The sleeping city of Albany, NY had no idea what was going on inside the walls of Savannah's on the evening of Thursday, May 8, 2003, but those who were lucky enough to be inside will never forget. No matter how many times you see this band, they continue to keep you guessing and on your feet with their experimentation in spontaneity and energy that touches everyone in the room. For those of you who have seen Furley before, you know what I am talking about. For those who haven’t - check these guys out.

May 2002 | photo by Noel Drago
Furley is a six-piece from New York City whose element transcends into many distinct sounds, laying one on top of another to form an astonishingly fluid and ever changing quilt of its own unique style. Traces of jazz, sole, drums, funk, dance, and world music, to name a few, can be heard in the blend.

Furley is Colm Connell (bassist), Joe Serrone (synth guitarist), Vinnie Commisso (percussionist), Nick Gianni (tenor sax, flute), Ian Katz (drummer), and Carl Obrig (baritone, alto and soprano saxes, percussionist).

Each member brings a distinct sound into the mixture and blends it all up until it is good and ripe. The band creates a monster ball of energy that could be inflated or deflated at any second. On this night, little did I know, but Furley was about to explode. They opened the set with “Pug,” then went on to “Gupsy Hymn,” “Majoon Traveler,” “Gringo Beans,” “Phoenix Blossom,” “Chasing The Dragon” and “Fire Lotus,” and ended the set with a new song “Sucka Punch.” Every person in the room had their eyes on the band.

As a music lover, I was delighted to see a band push itself to the limit every time and have so much fun while doing it. I have been in and around the East Coast music scene for more than 11 years, and have listened to many good bands. Furley just does it for me. It is so much fun watching these guys on stage. They are clearly having a good time up there, which shows through in their music.

Furley’s visit to Albany taught us a valuable lesson: if you love music, and are searching for that one band that just has it, don’t give up. You never know when Furley will show up. If you’re ever at a Furley show take notice of the cool short guy with black hair dancing around with a clipboard. Give him a BIG hug and kiss and sign his clipboard!

Gina Caruso
JamBase | New York
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[Published on: 5/20/03]

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