There is so much in the world that is hard to swallow, so many things that keep me up at night and so many demons that visit me in my sleep that over time music has become far more than "sound." While our country sits on the brink of war, and our religious "leaders" have committed unthinkable crimes of humanity against our young, music (of all kinds) has become my religion.

Perhaps due to our current political strife and lack of credibility behind anything I see on TV or read in the paper, I find myself even further drawn to my musical moments. And perhaps the lies and deceit they throw my way have caused me to enjoy a few words of peace by bassist Dave Murphy from Sound Tribe Sector 9 more than I would have before. A friend of mine once told me, "You have one voice, USE IT!" I guess Murphy is using his, and in turn has become the collective voice for the Sound Tribe. As the band continues to develop and grow, so does their fan base and on March 14th we found Sound Tribe Sector 9 playing their first official show at the Warfield Theater.

While it was certainly not my favorite STS9 show ever it allowed a rare moment to move away from my day-to-day life and enter a space in time where I can breathe a bit more easily. With one of the most beautiful stages I have ever seen, and three absolutely amazing pieces of artwork being created while STS9 performed, the visual aspects of the evening were equally as impressive as the sounds that filled the magnificent room.

Instead of painting my picture of the evening I will simply open the doors to what we all saw with the Sound Tribe Sector 9. This is what my church looks like, this is the altar I stand at and these are a few of the conduits I listen for in the night.

[Don't forget to click on the image for "the big picture."]

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Words by: The Kayceman
Images by: Alex Diaz
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[Published on: 3/18/03]

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