Charlie Hunter: A New Beginning

The issue is with their audience. They're sort of really bossy and demanding and always too high or too drunk, constantly bossing you around. They tell you what they want to hear by screaming and yelling at you onstage... I just couldn't do that anymore.

-Hunter on Garage A Trois


Photo by: Susan J. Weiand

Besides adding Curtis, Alan and Eric to the group, you also invited Deep Banana Blackout drummer Eric Kalb. How did this relationship materialize?

Charlie Hunter
I first saw him in Chinatown. He was working as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant. I just thought, wow this guy is so good and nobody gives him the time, place or gig. He has a volatile temper, a history that shows so, and I guess he had a few problems with prior bandleaders. I just figured I'd have to give the guy a gig and see if it worked out. It was kind of rocky at first, but he understood that that kind of behavior would not be tolerated. Now he's really risen to the challenge and he sounds great.

Why are you so adamant about doing things grass-root style as opposed to having a big media machine behind you? For someone who has been on a label before, what are the advantages and perks you find by doing it on your own?

As far as putting out my own records, it just came to a point where it made the most sense to put out my own records. It didn't make any sense to do it with a label. Like why would you want to sink a bunch of money into a guy like me that's going to sell only five thousand records? I can make my own records and sell two thousand and make enough money to pay for the next record. So clearly, it makes more sense for me to be doing it on my own.

What propelled your decision to leave Garage A Trois and embark on another solo record?

Well, we were actually hanging out with Garage A Trois the other night in Seattle. I love those guys; I think they're great players. But the issue is with their audience. They're sort of really bossy and demanding and always too high or too drunk, constantly bossing you around. They tell you what they want to hear by screaming and yelling at you onstage. If you don't play as loud as you can all the time and close your eyes, so you don't see them dancing, then you just can't get through the gig. And I just couldn't do that anymore.

Charlie Hunter
Was there a particular incident that occurred that made you feel this way or has it been building for quite some time?

Both. I had a thing happen where somebody was dancing; he was so off-time and the audience was bossing us around, telling us to play the FUNK or do this, rock out, man, blah, blah, blah. I guess I had some type of a seizure, and the guy was dancing so out of rhythm that it took me weeks to finally feel whole again. It was a serious, scary episode for me, and I felt like I really had to do my own thing and get out of there; regroup so to speak. I still LOVE those guys. I just really couldn't handle that kind of scene anymore.

In the digital age we're currently in, what's your stance on the rise of singles and the slow diminution of the concept of a record? It seems people are beginning to lose the overall concept of a record, in that it is a collection of work meant to be listened to all together.

It really doesn't matter to me because I never sell singles anyway. People usually just want my music for the whole record. I don't have any "hits." So people will just buy the whole record because that's the strength of it. It's not like popular music where you're selling one thing; you're kind of selling a concept. Generally, if you're selling a strong record they're going to want the whole record anyway.

You've collaborated with a lot of artists, producing more than 16 albums already in your career. Who else would you like to work with in the near future?

I've been pretty lucky throughout my career. I've been able to work with a lot of amazing musicians. I pretty much have been working with the people that I want to work with. But if something cool came up then I would definitely be interested in it.

What besides the residency and the album should fans expect from you in 2010?

I'm just going to be doing more of the same thing, pretty much getting into a car and driving around. Like usual, going from place to place, playing music and that's pretty much the story.

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