Roskilde Fest | 07.02-07.05 | Denmark

Saturday, 07.04

Roskilde Festival 2009
The Dodos were high on my list of must-see shows this weekend. Even though I had seen them at Sasquatch! and was completely under-whelmed, l love their music and wanted to give them another chance. They played at the Pavilion Stage, where most newcomers played, but they sure as hell didn't sound like newcomers. They were absolutely on point. Meric Long (guitar/vocals), Logan Kroeber (drums) and Joe Haener (xylophone/toy piano) absolutely blew the audience away. If you don't know these guys yet, you at least might know their song "Fools" (currently in a Miller Chill commercial). The folk-indie rock group opened with this song to a pumped up crowd. From there they kept it going fast and strong for the whole set. Long has this clean, buttery smooth voice that coasts on top of hard hitting drum beats and xylophone notes. They go from sweet and melodic to playing their instruments so hard you think strings will break and drums will burst - a head banging moment and then right back to the sweet goods again. I know they're categorized as 'folk indie' but it's important to say that you hear a little ska in them, with a slight hint of a marching band touched with rock. Their performance was really fun to watch, not because of theatrics or special effects, but because each of the guys are really good at their craft. Each instrument plays a vital role in these songs. The crowd was yelling so loudly at the beginning of each song that they guys looked a little taken aback. Either everyone over here really, really likes their music or they just recognized that a song was going to be great based on the first couple of notes. Either way, they were right. The band kicked ass today. Tight, fluid, catchy, heart hitting, and foot stomping, The Dodos are back for me.

Roskilde Festival 2009
I wanted to check out a show at the Odeon Stage, so I headed over in time to see the beginning of Klovner I Camp. There was so much commotion before the show that I thought I was in for a real Norwegian treat. Then finally, a hip-hop band came out in tracksuits and started playing what seemed a complete rip off of the Beastie Boys. When I noticed they were all older white men, I got outta there. Sorry! From there I went over to the main stage to see Slipknot, which I was sure I was going to hate. I looked up at the big screen to see nine men dressed in red and black jumpsuits with the scariest fucking masks I've ever seen. Then it hit me. THIS is why I can't sleep at night. Seriously, check out this picture of them before reading further. I had an immediate core shake upon seeing them. So scary, oh my god! However, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about so I stuck it out. Holy amazing show! I repeat, holy amazing show! Besides the insanely addictive visual lure of the masks, they had pyrotechnics, guys climbing on equipment, some of the best head banging I have ever seen and tons of energy. The part I wasn't expecting was that the lead singer Corey Taylor couldn't have been more moved and appreciative to the audience, constantly talking to us between each heavy metal head swish. "I'll tell you what Roskilde, there isn't a festival like this in America!" I wanted to scream, "Maybe not, but it's Independence Day, Corey, cut us some slack!!" But that would've meant I'd have to look at that mask close-up and no thank you. I digress. Every song was beyond loud and wild and the audience from front to waaaaaaaay back was jumping up and down in unison. "You have no idea what this means to us. Thank you so much. We fucking love you guys. Best crowd ever." I can't say I'd ever buy an album, but I'd see them live any day. These guys are really great, scary as shit showmen.

I went back to the Odeon to catch German hip-hop/electro group Deichkind. Jumping gyms, trampolines, garbage bag costumes covered in neon tape, weird structures on stage, all fantastic! And with their dance funk jungle beat, I was in. They make what they call 'tech-rap' and it makes total sense. They mixed songs like "Thriller" with "Satisfaction" and then would go super amped up reggae on us. A really fun dance atmosphere.

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