FREE Michael Jackson Playlist: We Remember The King of Pop

JamBase Remembers The King of Pop with a FREE Michael Jackson Playlist

Following the sudden, shocking death of Michael Jackson yesterday (Thursday June 25), JamBase wants you to remember the music. Everyone knows Jackson's later days were mired in all sorts of unscrupulous accusations and activities, and while that's part of his story, it's really about the music. As we started selecting tracks for this FREE playlist we were instantly overwhelmed all over again by the power of these songs. The man may be a mystery (perhaps at best), but the music is undeniable. So fire up this playlist and get on the floor, get off the wall, and don't stop till you get enough!

You can read more about Jackson's life and death here.

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So get started with the FREE Michael Jackson Playlist!

[Published on: 6/26/09]

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