Forecastle: WSP, Crowes, Avetts

Pre-sale Begins Today, Over Sixty-five Bands, DJs to be Announced

Widespread Panic
The Forecastle Festival and Nederlander Entertainment have announced the headliners for the 8th Annual Forecastle Festival, July 10 – 12 at the Riverfront Belvedere in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

Widespread Panic will perform for two of the three nights, one of their only festival appearances this summer. Performing alongside are The Black Crowes, The Black Keys, The Avett Brothers, and over sixty-five bands and DJs to be announced.

Pre-sales begin today at, with single-day passes beginning at $40.00 and three-day passes at $100.00. Kick-off parties, after-parties, and VIP package options are also available, as well as campground accommodations and on-site hotel rooms overlooking both the Forecastle festival site and the scenic Ohio river.

"After eight years of grassroots festival building, we are opening an exciting new chapter in the history of this unique, cultural experience," says Forecastle founder and producer JK McKnight.

Forecastle, named "One of the Top 101 Things to Do in America" by SPIN Magazine, and the "Cream of the Crop" by the Discovery Channel, was founded in 2002. The event is an equal representation of music, arts, and activism, featuring bands, artists and activist groups from ten (10) participating cities throughout the Midwest.

In addition to music, the 2009 art and activism components will be equally showcased with over sixty environmental non-profit organizations, international / regional / local artists, films, an outdoor extreme sports park, environmental and music industry related panels, speakers, forums and more along the Ohio River.

[Published on: 3/26/09]

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bow3599 Thu 3/26/2009 05:52AM
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sounds fun, panic needs to do more festies this year

jacoyle1 Thu 3/26/2009 05:56AM
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OurBandCouldBeYourLife Thu 3/26/2009 06:03AM
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That's a hell of a way to start off a festival! This could be sweet.

joeyb4 starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 06:05AM
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Panic in Louisville! I'll be down there. I was hoping for Bisco like last year, but fuck if they replace tDB with Widespread..... then Hell Ya! Looking forward to my Louisville retreat.

rexster Thu 3/26/2009 06:26AM
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I think I'm going to have to trrade out of All Good and check this out! I live in downtown Louisville and I think this needs to be supported. I could actually walk to this fest in about twenty minutes! It'll be fun to have all you weirdos in town.

P.S Go Cards!

panicpanicpanic! starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 06:30AM
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keep comin east boys! i need my panic fix!

OLEB Thu 3/26/2009 06:32AM
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Their website says the announcement is still coming, good work jambase. Having moved to TN recently this sounds like a great midsummer trip

hobojo Thu 3/26/2009 06:36AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Its not Jambase, I got the official email about an hour ago. I wish this wasn't in downtown Louisville. I would prefer somewhere with camping, but this is a pretty awesome start. 65 more bands to come. Keep it up and I might have to miss All Good.

mikemac9317 starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 06:50AM
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This is just the start to something awesome. There is camping close to the venue and it is cheap. Odds are there will be late nite shows at the camp site, which is on the river. More announcements to come...

nsafay Thu 3/26/2009 07:09AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

There are some pretty tight bars and hotels to camp at afterwards! I will see y'all on the river in Louisville!

I_HEART_GAMEBOBY Thu 3/26/2009 07:27AM
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Ticketbastard is also selling camping passes. The info they give is 25 for a one day and $50 for the weekend. American Turners is the headline with the address as 3125 River Road, Louisville, KY 40207, the best I can figure out is the American Turners are a German organization and they own a park on the river that seems to beset upfor camping.

dankb23 starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 07:31AM
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discocham starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 07:41AM
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Mike where is the cheap and close camping? This summer is going to be out of hand phish@deercreek>roth>forecastle. Who has been to this fest? how is security, beer prices, etc?

discocham Thu 3/26/2009 07:42AM
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...i see it thanx tonka

clarkythatcher Thu 3/26/2009 07:52AM
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Panic is also playing the Mile High Music Festival right before 10k. I guess us midwesterners are gonna get rocked by some raging Panic between forecastle and Mile High. Best news ever.

P.s. Phish is terrible

mikemac9317 Thu 3/26/2009 08:02AM
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the campgrounds are pretty close by; will most likely have to drive though. the beer prices are typical- 4 bucks for a 16 oz cup, but the beer is made locally so there won't be reg beers like bud or coors. Security is pretty lax. Their main purpose is to keep people from sneaking in; they're cool with puffing and shit, just don't be dumb about it. No cops are allowed into the festival, so thats a plus too. Their will be a dj booth set up by the side of a pool at the galt house, so everyone is allowed to swim too

moephishH2O starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 08:18AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Nice! Now just add My Morning Jacket (since they're from Louisville)..

cUB_nAsTY starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 08:28AM
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WORD, Crowes and Panic bring it, Im hoping that the rest of the boys join Jimmy Herring at Waka. Wouldnt that be the shit. Did somebody up there really say Panic disappoints

JERRYmadeLIVEmusic Thu 3/26/2009 09:06AM
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Amazing city, Beautiful people, Grate lineup!!!!!! But most importantly (just for this weekend and next) GO CARDINAL BIRDS!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH C A R D S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MaSonDiego Thu 3/26/2009 09:39AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I can't wait for the Black Crowes cancel last minute because they are acting more like oasis these days!

fordaj starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 10:23AM
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screw the cards....all I got to say is Orlando Mendez-Valdez

hayden4 Thu 3/26/2009 11:02AM
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dankb23 knowbody cares,you need to open your ears! or head down the street to the skaterink!

nsafay Thu 3/26/2009 11:47AM
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nice call on the Crowes MaSonDiego!

evandw starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 12:27PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Panic doesn't deliver? laughable dankb23 must be a phish kid

mikemac9317 Thu 3/26/2009 12:42PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!



Sosa could take out Mendez-Valdez and he sucks. You know the cards are badass.

icametoboogie starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 08:19PM
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The boys back in louisville to bring the heat to all u kids out there....

shi@ is gonna b the fiyahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Widespreadhammock starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/26/2009 09:11PM
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Our crew went last year for Bisco - strange "festival". Forecastle grew balls this's a shame the festival is during All Good - bad move!

mountainman86 starstarstarstarstar Sat 3/28/2009 10:26AM
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Sounds awesome, but screw the cards GO CATS!!!

tower starstarstarstarstar Tue 3/31/2009 04:49PM
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Forecastle needs to add Edgehill Avenue!