Sat Eye Candy: Kissing


There are few things sweeter than a good kiss. First ones are nice, but so are lingering goodbye whoppers and gentle good morning pecks. For such a seemingly simple action, tremendous complexity and nuance are possible. There's much to savor in the moment, if only the intense nearness of another human being in a world that places high value on distance and space. For all the bumpin' & grindin' we get ourselves up (and down and all-around…) to, it is our significant kisses that most often linger, given splendid cinematography by our memory. All that's left is to add the score…

We jump into your arms this week with the great Judee Sill and her exquisite ode to pressing our lips together.

Next, a neato Bill Withers cover from the Lewis Larke Band, a self-proclaimed "jam band" from Barcelona, Spain.

Them '60s girl groups really knew how to lay one on you. To wit, The Shangri-Las in 1965 doing "Give Him A Great Big Kiss."

Off to the country with Merle Haggard at the 1978 Rotterdam Country Festival performing Lefty Frizzell's "Always Late (With Your Kisses)."

This almost-a-short-film by Scout Niblett and Bonnie "Prince" Billy is a strange bit 'o art but haunting, too. Kinda like the best kisses.

Joni Mitchell is a lady who knows a thing or five about kisses, and she's rarely been more sprightly on the subject than with her stellar Shadows and Light band, including Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius.

Next, some sweet ukulele from Magnetic Fields' side project The 6ths, where our faceless serenader details some inanimate objects standing in for the real thing.

The studio dance party is rockin' with Sonny & Cher doing The Crystals' classic. Looks like Mr. Bono got shot with a "Ringo Ray" here!

There's more than a bit of Patti Smith energy to this live kiss from Juliette & The Licks.

Not everyone is thrilled by Valentine's Day, and here's The Shins with the soundtrack for a good sulk.

Here, the '80s & '90s collide as Smashing Pumpkins cover Echo & The Bunnymen. Nice moon kilt, man!

New Order has a nice Talking Heads musk on this version, which runs almost 10 minutes. Even depressives can jam out sometimes.

We wrap things up South of the Border with a pair of interpretations of a certified standard, the first a classy turn from the immortal Cesária Évora, then the sloppy, tongue-in-cheek Beatles take. May you all get kissed real well today!

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[Published on: 2/14/09]

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C00lmike Sat 2/14/2009 02:19PM
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And finally here's the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing "Suck My Kiss" at Woodstock '99. An interesting version that includes A butt naked Flea and a request from Anthony Kiedis for all the women in the audience to toss their used tapons on stage. Enjoy.

ClaysTribe starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/14/2009 02:32PM
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this be really lame but much love to everyone this day:

Flat5 starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/14/2009 02:55PM
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happydestiny Sat 2/14/2009 04:12PM
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I cant believe Jambase still hasn't posted the new Dead dates... slackers.

theragman Sat 2/14/2009 08:28PM
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what about Detroit Rock City?

phishmann starstarstarstar Sat 2/14/2009 08:57PM
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Wow that Joni Mitchell Band is tight.

deadpig79 Sun 2/15/2009 11:15AM
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kiss my balls jambase!

Mr_McDankenstein Sun 2/15/2009 01:42PM
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and now i bring to you the kiss of the millenium!