Marco Benevento Trio | 02.03 | Oakland

JamBase | Oaksterdam
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[Published on: 2/6/09]

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Justin Ward starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/6/2009 06:02PM
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Justin Ward

That was an amazingly well written account of what happened that night. I was left nothing short of breathless, only wishing in some ways that I could hear this night of music some time in the future. Truly beautiful. Truly the stuff of musical genius that few of us will ever understand.

I'm forever inspired by Marco Benevento and the music that he creates. We are amazingly lucky to be able to be in his presence.

MaseBase starstarstarstar Fri 2/6/2009 06:11PM
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I wanted SO BADLY to be at this show. Regretting I didn't go. Great review Dennis

pornofunk starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/6/2009 06:34PM
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man, this must have been good, that ALOT of talent on one stage,

*and im pretty sure reed isnt human

karinihadalumpyhead Fri 2/6/2009 07:34PM
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marco's new album 'me not me' is out now...

check out the promo vid:

NJW star Sat 2/7/2009 12:41AM
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"Benevento, in his way, strikes me as a kindred spirit to folks like Richard Feynman or Noam Chomsky - brilliant minds that grasp the ├╝ber-structure of things in a way most of us never will." - Really....?

iwantstogetfunkedup Sat 2/7/2009 09:58AM
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^^ I agree. I love your writing Dennis, but thats a bit over the top!

Marcsmall Sat 2/7/2009 10:12AM
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I don't think there are enough articles/reviews about Benevento/Russo on jambase lately.

schofizzl Sat 2/7/2009 12:12PM
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^^that's exactly what i was about to post. nothing against the guys i don't even know anything about them really, but damn, share the coverage jambase!

bluefox starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/7/2009 02:32PM
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Well it is a big time for Marco with his new Album, Yoshi's run and West Coast touring. When it rains and pours over here, remember My Morning Jacket time right before New Years?

This show was awesome! I love the Duo but personally I find that I like Marco's solo stuff more. More melody and less electronic wank...

Another great review by Dennis though he does go over the top with the rhetorical flourishes. Also Marco is obviously a really bight fellow but Richard Feynman or Noam Chomsky? I am not sure...

ao1 Sat 2/7/2009 02:40PM
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If I could see any drummer live today it would unquestionably be Andrew Barr.

phishmann starstarstarstarstar Sun 2/8/2009 11:16AM
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His music even cures the common cold!

brienza66 Mon 2/9/2009 11:31AM
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right on ao1, andrew barr is an animal. For the past few years i have been dying to hear andrew play some out of control drums.. like the pre-the slip is an indie band days...

mickrod420 Mon 2/9/2009 01:13PM
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hipster. Russo is dirty.

Window starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/9/2009 03:24PM
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Loved the two sets 2/3.

Can't wait for tomorrow night!

santacruzin Mon 2/9/2009 07:45PM
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saw the trio in portland last saturday. 1st time getting to see em with barr. i practically stood over him the whole night, just mesmorized. the guys feet never stop moving about 250 bpm. wow.

makelevees starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/10/2009 09:35AM
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I really am looking forward to tonights show! Perhaps we can meet each other. You will be the one on hands and knees in front of the stage weeping and hugging yourself in front of benevento. I will be the one in the back corner of the room putting my head in the devil's mouth with skerik and illy B ;) Seriously, though, cheers to being so inspired by the music!

mario2986 starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/10/2009 04:34PM
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This is how all articles should read.

The1AndOnlyDJCT starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/10/2009 09:24PM
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Great review, great pictures, honestly, I've felt the same way after seeing this trio play, they're amazing!