TLG/Hackensaw Boys | 01.24.09 | D.C.

Hackensaw Boys
Josh Clark - Tea Leaf Green
Birthday Boy - Tea Leaf Green

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[Published on: 1/29/09]

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CoreyBauer Thu 1/29/2009 02:22PM
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TLG rocks... yes

But old TLG... really rocks.... alot more i would say

Glad to see a review of them though... no setlist?

I can tell you that they did not play anything milky.... ( Planet of green love, asphault funk, ) .. cus they got no milk ... and no sour cream... :(

CoreyBauer Thu 1/29/2009 02:22PM
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and PS

I like extra sour cream!!!!

RothburyWithCheese starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/29/2009 02:46PM
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hackensaw boys always seem to open for crappy bands. they fucking rule!

sitdancer starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/29/2009 03:53PM
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I am impressed every time I see TLG live. But unlike Corey, I really like the direction they have taken since adding Reed. Both incarnations had their upsides for sure, and I always had a lot of fun when Ben was still in the band, but with Reed I feel like they have taken their music to a whole new level.

And btw. Asphalt Funk has made a comeback recently, it has been played quite a bit in 2009 and already last fall (I do remember it being played at the Richmond show for example).

moephishH2O starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/29/2009 04:03PM
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I love TLG. While I love Ben C on the bass, Reed has been an excellent addition. Can't wait to see them tomorrow with moe. in Denver!!

adventuresinperception starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/29/2009 04:18PM
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Sez me,

Tea Leaf Green is the shit. One of the best things going right now.

With that said, I felt that the literally prowess of the review was lacking. The article didnt flow nicely enough, Mathis has never been a member of the greyboy allstars (he has played with the robert walter trio), and I would reserve kerouac-ian typically for post-bop jazz.

but really, TLG is melts my face

Mark Price former NBA star Thu 1/29/2009 04:27PM
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Mark Price former NBA star

Can't wait to see TLG tommrow night opening for MOE. I'm more excited to see TLG than I am Moe. and I love moe. Hopfully Josh Clark rips it up tommrow night, its always fun when he's on fire

Chapelchilla starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/29/2009 07:18PM
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TLG has been great lately. Reed has really found his spot in the band and it's all starting to work again. Go see em if you can, you won't regret it.

URTH2URTH starstarstarstarstar Fri 1/30/2009 04:46AM
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i have no respect musically for anyone who thinks these guys suck. i even like their new direction, their new album is great. mathis is tight with them especially live. one of my favorite bands. keep it up!

tootyp starstarstar Fri 1/30/2009 06:56AM
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I know I'm gonna get blasted for saying this, but I feel like Tea Leaf is kind of...boring. I know that I should like them, they have all the necessary parts to an awesome band. They're all awesome musicians, have a shredding lead guitarists, virtuoso bassist, solid keys player, rock drummer. But for some reason it just doesn't do anything for me. I think maybe their songs aren't that spectacular, or maybe I don't love Trevor's voice, I don't know. I was at this show and had a good time, but when I left I was kind of like, "eh". Very perplexing.

Bombsoverbaghdad Fri 1/30/2009 07:11AM
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This DC show was the first time I've seen TLG and I was not impressed. I really wanted to be blown away, but sadly I was not. Reed was awesome, great stage presence and just REALLY good. I just could not get into Josh's solos. Too crazy/busy all the time?! And the Hackensaw Boys just came across as a gimmick. I didn't get it. Don't see too much talent in that band.

CoreyBauer Fri 1/30/2009 07:24AM
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not saying reed isn't good ...

but the shows were funner with ben C front right

sschaffner Fri 1/30/2009 11:24AM
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denver is going to be rockin' tonight, joy! somebody write me a doctor's note and get me a beer! if only the hackensaw boys we're tagging along, wow... i'd really like to see that drum kit all up close n personal

bigchris starstarstarstar Fri 1/30/2009 01:07PM
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nice review. I too miss the old Ben C days like Corey. I think TLG is still finding their sound with the new lineup. Good to hear they packed the house in DC. Looking forward to the Fillmore.

T. Ralph starstarstarstarstar Fri 1/30/2009 01:56PM
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Nice sell out in DC--which was an exclamation point on an incredible tour. The ATL and Charlotte (SBD here: shows were windows into the possibilities TLG 2.0. Reed has found his place w/ these great musicians.

mattguff9 Fri 1/30/2009 07:49PM
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hackensaw boys are a dangerous band to have as an opener. The anti-climactic headliner stands as a strong possibility. They are the best band around and they tour harder than ANYONE on the road.

gregboyer starstarstarstar Sat 1/31/2009 11:13AM
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This sounds like a great time. I hope nobody got pissed off or pissed on, it being the 9:30 Club.

HillbillyHophead304 starstarstar Mon 2/2/2009 04:09PM
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Slow down train look out dog!!!

Hackensaw Boys are footstompin, hand clappin, hoot and hollerin fuckin fun. They can get the sawdust movin and the beer bottles clangin.

Awsome friggin band. Flatfootin forever.