Marc Friedman’s Kram Dangle: “A Different Recipe”

Marc Friedman, long time bassist of the groove outfit The Slip, is creating a new sound in Boston for this Halloween. At the VFW Post 299 in Cambridge, this sound will be brought to life by the ensemble of Marc Friedman on electric Guitar, Garrett Sayers on Bass (Miracle Orchestra, Phase iii) and old friend Pete Barr on Drums. The unlikely vocalist is the animated Matt Rudnicki, a friend to The Slip and part of the inspiration for Kram Dangle. "A few months ago, driving home from a gig, I decided I was ready to perform these tunes," said Marc Friedman in our recent interview. Kram Dangle has been forming for some time out of Marc and Matt’s collaboration.

"To an outsider, Kram will be a rock show," said Marc, but he hopes to introduce more into the mix than just that. "Kram is a beautiful harmony" and embraces a variety of influences, from U2’s The Edge to Chuck Berry and Paul McCartney. Part of the objective in this project was to focus on a more simple form, outside the regular format of rock or jazz or jam-based music. Another goal is to introduce more comedy into the performance, an element of surprise within that is born out of the Zappas and Bowies of the world. "Mixing ideas to create a better whole, a different recipe," to use Marc’s words, is what we can expect of this first time experiment.

When asked directly about the myth of this elusive concept, Marc replied that he could not tell me directly what or who Kram Dangle is, just that "he’s a new friend of ours." While Marc felt that Kram could perform The Slip’s music, the opposite would not be as easy to produce. “The basic underlying principles are what I use with The Slip,” but the sound is heavy groove, and rock oriented. A myth concocted by musicians, a goal to create outside the scene, Kram is a new thing. The idea being, that if the musicians involved have a good time with it on stage, the world may receive more visits from Kram and its strange ways. I would say that we can expect great things from Kram Dangle’s debut.

If you aren’t cowering under your bed, afraid of the voraciously new, and ostentatiously out-there experiment with the moniker Kram Dangle, get out of the house and go see this show! You can pick up tickets at JamBaseTickets, and check out the Kram Dangle manifesto on The Slip Page. This Halloween, don’t just go see live music, see music that is brand new!

Kram Dangle: of myth, of music, of Marc.

Jeff Bergman
Boston, MA
Go See Live Music!

[Published on: 10/23/01]

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