Change Rocks for Obama Dead, Allman, Haynes & More

Change Rocks for Obama with The Dead, Allman, Trucks, Haynes & More
October 13 at Penn State Campus in State College, PA

As we reported on earlier this month, on October 13 at Pennsylvania State University, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart will perform a benefit concert for the Presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama. It was announced today that Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks, Jaimoe, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Marc Quinones, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti will join the party.

Monday, October 13, 2008
Bryce Jordan Center
Pennsylvania State University

Doors open: 5:30 p.m.
$50 - General Public
$30 - With Penn State Student ID

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Jeff Kash starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 03:18PM
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Jeff Kash

This is going to be fun... make sure you eat some fried pickles in State College, they are the move!! Change Rocks!

reuben25 Thu 9/18/2008 03:26PM
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Chaloupka starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 03:27PM
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Wow, what a line-up!

Obama = Power to the People!

MOERON10 Thu 9/18/2008 03:30PM
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LedPanic15 Thu 9/18/2008 03:33PM
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jewadamandtheisraelites starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 03:33PM
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No chance I can get to this. :(

Spring tour it is!

FreshFlavor starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 03:44PM
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Right freakin on. Power to the movement.

moephishH2O Thu 9/18/2008 03:52PM
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University of Oregon would GREATLY appreciate that show!

GratefulDonna starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 03:56PM
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$50 - General Public $30 - With Penn State Student ID holy crap Batman!

Marcsmall Thu 9/18/2008 04:02PM
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Marcsmall Thu 9/18/2008 04:04PM
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Oh, I see....tix go on sale tomorrow

Phishit69 Thu 9/18/2008 04:09PM
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shoffer Thu 9/18/2008 04:09PM
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I'll be at my computer at 12:00 in need of a miracle to get tickets to this one

Phishit69 Thu 9/18/2008 04:09PM
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zzonephan Thu 9/18/2008 04:43PM
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mindmusic90 Thu 9/18/2008 04:45PM
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This sounds incredible. Wish I could make it to pennsylvania for this. What a lineup.

flygolf Thu 9/18/2008 04:46PM
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I believe the sentiments of this event will be focused on the positive outcome of electing a sharp and compassionate politician to our presidency and less about the clearly defined failed policies of georgeW.


Have fun at the show!

mrknowitall starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 04:47PM
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Dead and Allman Brothers!

Why isnt this telavised?

stealyourface73 starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 04:57PM
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WOW!!! I hope a CD or DVD comes out of this. I wish I could make it down there.

Deadphishbiscuits Thu 9/18/2008 04:57PM
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Dead, Allman brothers and obama! that is now the new spelling for FREEDOM. wish I could be there but to all that go a good show to one and all and enjoy. spring is right around the corner...kind of

sunnbear starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 05:01PM
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Just like the good old days. The Allman's and the Dead. The jams could go on forever! Like Obama says, "Let's HOPE!"

AintNoFreedom starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 05:02PM
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LedPanic... music and politics do NOT go together? Give me a break! Tell that to Bob Dylan. The Clash. Or even The Roots. Music and politics have always gone together, from old time bards, to Woody Guthrie scrawling "This machine kills fascists" across his acoustic guitar, up till now when Rage Against the Machine just recently led a march outside the RNC. There's a lot of things going against us, but artists of all kinds have always felt the need to raise our awareness and explore ideas through their mediums. Especially in today's world climate, if you dig the music and yet are not tuned into politics, you are a god damned fool.

drobinson41 Thu 9/18/2008 05:07PM
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futhepharmer Thu 9/18/2008 05:10PM
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My #1 most looked forward to event! I'll be crowd-surfing in Obama love!

achalsey Thu 9/18/2008 05:28PM
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smokey82832 Thu 9/18/2008 05:28PM
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n-1 Thu 9/18/2008 05:36PM
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this is epic

Sixmilliondollarman Thu 9/18/2008 05:38PM
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My backyard is a swing yard. I even have Wii.

BGsteveBG Thu 9/18/2008 05:40PM
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FormulaOBX starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 05:42PM
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funkle Thu 9/18/2008 05:54PM
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Natey Thu 9/18/2008 06:08PM
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This is to get people to get out and VOTE>>>>>vote for who you want, and those of us that know for whom we are voting should get out and share our thoughts and feelings....we live in a Democracy. If you don't think a band should use their soapbox to promote ideas for which they believe then you must just disagree (or are offended) with what they are saying, period. If you have ears, then use your voice. If those ears are ignorant, keep talkin'. Ignorance is getting our country in trouble.

Deklen starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 06:09PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I've never had experience in buying tickets for such a sought-after show. If i'm at a computer right at 12 am I probably gonna get them, or will the search engine be busy and such? Of course no-one knows for sure, but if you have experience, please share.

This is going to be sick with the NYS Harvest fest that weekend too.

ststephen117 Thu 9/18/2008 06:19PM
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i dont think there playing as ABB they might just be joining the dead.. not sure though just an assumption.. and you can say music and politics dont mix but your out of your mind if you think only obama supporters will be attending.. this is beyond politics its the dead there will be both republicans and democrats all around

wonderllamathelysergicape Thu 9/18/2008 06:27PM
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daveapaug Thu 9/18/2008 06:30PM
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The Grateful Dead, Non-political?? Maybe in the 80's and 90's but not in the early days. The entire 60's movement was political. Listen to "New Speedway Boogie" and tell me that's not a political statement.

drumStark Thu 9/18/2008 06:44PM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


What the Dead said in the 60's was that they wouldn't endorse one politician because they wanted it to be purely about the music. No distractions. That doesn't mean their music isn't political

Coconut Phil starstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 06:46PM
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adventuresinperception starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 06:51PM
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Simply stated, WOW!

how much is a cross country flight from SF to Penn??

HarryHood45 Thu 9/18/2008 07:18PM
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HarryHood45 Thu 9/18/2008 07:20PM
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cshort1 Thu 9/18/2008 07:20PM
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This will be a tasty show. I wish I could attend, but the constant epic money problems say otherwise. Obama is the man with the plan and anyone who thinks otherwise is... entitled to their opinion. Let's keep it real and be Americas!

HarryHood45 Thu 9/18/2008 07:22PM
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phunkyjedi08 Thu 9/18/2008 07:27PM
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wow, the Allman Brothers and the Dead on the same bill... how long has it been?

and I'm sorry, but - did someone actually say "warren is the next jerry garcia?"

talk like that will not be tolerated on this website, sir.

theragman Thu 9/18/2008 08:09PM
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webcast for Obama!

MOERON10 Thu 9/18/2008 08:22PM
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July 3rd,2004 the gorge.allman bros,the dead. warren haynes played with

both bands.Oh yea robert hunter opened.What a fuckin day that was!west coast needs more shows like least oregon and washington

data starstarstarstarstar Thu 9/18/2008 08:39PM
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webcast!!! Don't understand how anyone could vote Republican after the last 8 years.

futhepharmer Thu 9/18/2008 09:35PM
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Agreed. How can the party that F-ed us up the ass for eight years be the ones to bring change? And how can Obama having his hand at his side while the National Anthem played be scary to you coconut? That you would let a small incident (insert didn't wear a "flag pin" here) like that be the measure of a man for you is whats scary. I was at The Phillies (going to the series this year, heard it here!) game the other day and I didn't see a whole lot of people saluting OR putting their hands over their hearts. I fuckin' LOVE this country...but I haven't been PROUD of it in a long time. Would love to see that change tho.

rjd999 Fri 9/19/2008 01:19AM
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watkins glen, 73, woooooo!!!!

rjd999 Fri 9/19/2008 01:19AM
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iclips dont let me down!

skunkape Fri 9/19/2008 02:42AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

McCain is a "rhinestone war hero"...

alw7 Fri 9/19/2008 02:54AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Just to clarify,New Speedway Boogie was written about the Rolling Stones Altamont concert,not a directly political song. Also,I don't recall the Dead endorsing any politician in the 60's. Yes the 60's was a time of change,but the Dead and the rest pushed for change outside "the system".

Someone commented about living to far away to make a decision weather to go to this show or not,well I live two hours away and am struggling to decide, should be a great show but I REALLY don't like the cause,no matter who is being endorsed. Jerry must be turning in his grave.

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 03:56AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

I bet they play throwing stones!!!!!!!!!!

GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yankee Fri 9/19/2008 04:47AM
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first of all, if somebody has an arena to voice their opinions and influence others, they should do it. That's what the 60's were about. It was a bunch of poets and songwriters rallying against what they thought needed to be changed, and it did have an effect. Somebody needs to educate half of the numbskulls in this country who know nothing of the real issues. Also, unless you have piles of $ in your bank account you should vote for Obama. Republicans=greed and Democrats=just a little less greed. The only reason why a young person wouldn't vote for Obama is because they are racist, and that makes me sick.

jaensor Fri 9/19/2008 06:24AM
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jimmystewart420 Fri 9/19/2008 07:21AM
Show -17 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
Orpheus Fri 9/19/2008 07:21AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Some people will just never get it.

Inactivity is no longer "Status Quo"!

overall Fri 9/19/2008 07:22AM
+8 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Hey, Yankee: It's a bit unfair to suggest that "the only reason why a young person wouldn't vote for Obama is because they are racist." I can think of several other reasons........Maybe that young person is a war-monger, a jingoist, a snake-handling Pentacostal, a misogynist, an abortion clinic bomber, a trust fund baby, a sucker of lobbyists' tits, or just someone who thinks that true leadership and character can best be reflected through actions that include cheating on one's infirmed wife and abandoning one's family as soon as a hot, young, rich, well-connected meal ticket is found. Y'all want to make sure Obama wins? Tell everyone you see to Google "Carol McCain." It's that simple.

crowesfan Fri 9/19/2008 07:23AM
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Wowza thats going to be a great show. I agree with RJD999 iclips needs to pick this up immediately.

Orpheus Fri 9/19/2008 07:25AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Hey jimmystewart420,

Why don't you move to F'en Alaska. That way you can shoot anything that moves and sleep with your daughter without breaking any laws. You stupid nazi.

UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 07:28AM
+8 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

For you idiots whining about music and politics, take a deep breath, relax and then notice they are not billed as "The Dead" and "The Allman Brothers", they are billed by individual names. While I won't say I'm positive about my next comment, I'm guessing that they are doing this to make a clear distinction between a "normal" show vs. this show where they are being political. this lets you the fan know that it will have a slightly different slant than a standard show. Secondly, while I agree that I hate to hear about anything other than music at a "normal" show, I think they are trying to make a point that they are so concerned (rightly so, or should I say leftly so %^) about what has happened to their (our) country in the last 8 years, they feel they must represent but their doing their best to make sure it's plainly stated before you walk through the door. Don't want to hear political statements? Then wait until tour next year, not too difficult!!!! Quit b1tching, it's rather important, regardless of which side of the coin you're on!!!! Peace, Love and Obama!!!

jimmystewart420 Fri 9/19/2008 07:30AM
Show -12 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 07:40AM
+6 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

jimmystewart420 - You are absolutely clueless! I'm guessing you're an immature 16 year old, living at home taking hand-outs from Mommy. Please go get an education (or take your meds), so when you speak you don't look like such an idiot! BTW, didn't Robin Hood steal from the rich and give to the poor? Sounds quite similar to Obama wanting to stop seeing Bush's policies of the rich get richer at middle class expense... yeah that's a bad thing! And you're calling other's douches (the proper spelling, remember my suggestion of getting an education)...

Orpheus Fri 9/19/2008 07:43AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Ha! Ha! I love you guys!

jimmystewart420 Fri 9/19/2008 08:23AM
Show -5 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
wagsinnorthernva starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 08:29AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


The fact that these wonderful musicians want to join together to play a show for Obama should say something to folks. The right does not have members of great bands showing support, they have wack country stars. Youn think that Jerry was a conservative? LOL the words together make me laugh.

Go OBAMA!!!!

07Elip Fri 9/19/2008 08:30AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Its almost time!!!... Thirty minutes until tickets go on sale!

alw7 Fri 9/19/2008 08:38AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

O.K. Let's get this pot stirred RALPH NADER 2008. Not really Ralph,but what he represnts,more than just two flavors of the same old shit.

UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 08:39AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

jimmystewart420- ZING! You got me, wow big words! Guess it was the first thing you could think of, you know, sitting at your keyboard with one hand. Try getting up and go out and find a real girl (or guy as the case may be). I sure hope your mommy doesn't find out you've been using those bad words, you might get grounded! Now go think about voting for the person you feel is best for the job (if you're old enough to vote yet), not what might happen if those scenarios in your head play out....

UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 08:47AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

alw7 - As much as I agree with your opinion, until a third party can get firmly established (read: never... unfortunately), people like Ralph do nothing but f*ck things up for the better of the two choices. From what I can tell, most people on the right aren't looking for much other than what is offered from the right currently, it's those on the left that are all looking for something different, thus when someone like Ralph steps in the ring, it's the left that takes the hit.

UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 08:49AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

CORRECTION - I should have said "the better of two choices in my opinion"

alw7 Fri 9/19/2008 08:52AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

UseURHead I agree with you that it ain't gonna happen,but that doesn't mean I have to pick the lesser of two evils,because it's still evil. It also doesn't mean we should just accept what's fed to us,as futile as it is,we STILL have a right to an opinion(for now).Ralph knows he doesn't stand a chance,but he forges ahead hoping to lay grounwork for some distant future generation.

Coconut Phil Fri 9/19/2008 08:54AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Coconut Phil

John McCain will get some tickets for sure. Don't be brainwashed by Obama, type in a few things he's done and maybe I'll see the light.

Coconut Phil ( I )

UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 09:00AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

alw7 - I wasn't trying to change your opinion, only point out that it is a wasted vote and hurts the candidtate that (probably) is closest to your viewpoint based on the simple fact that you would choose Ralph in the first place. I'm not trying to say "I'm right and you're wrong" but you must admit that there's no way that a third party is going to be elected, regardless of how anyone may feel. Based on that fact (I use the term loosely), a vote for a thrid party is both a wasted vote and hurts the left. Please do not think I'm trying to be rude (like I may have been to js420), just discussing %^)

GreenGoat86 Fri 9/19/2008 09:10AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


YESSSS!!!!! I got my tix! Seeing The Dead in less than a month! I am insanely thrilled!

UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 09:11AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Coconutphil- I'm not brainwashed by Obama. Between his past community activism, his recent ability to rally many around him, the positive welcome he's received across the globe recently and watching his interviews for the past 2 years I feel very comfortable with him both on a professional level and a personal (not that I've met him, I'm referring to his interviews). But don't listen to me make your own decision, vote for your choice, stand up for your choice rather than knocking another persons choice! It's easy to take swipes at anyone but that means nothing!!!!

RAMBLER114 Fri 9/19/2008 09:19AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I GOT TICKETS! this show is gonna be off the chain! see u in a month my friends.

alw7 Fri 9/19/2008 09:20AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Did not think you were being rude,just stating your position. I just got tickets for this thing,now to decide if I'm going or not.It's not there support for Obama that I take issue with,it's supporting ANY politician,you know politicians throwing stones.

futhepharmer starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 09:21AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Whoo-Hoo! Got my tickets as well! General Admission on the floor! Whoo- Hoo! See everybody there, I'm the green alien dude with red eyes, just like my picture! Whoo- Hoo! There's gonna be an energy going in that place like none seen yet! Go OBAMA!

Melty starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 09:27AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!



great line-up

They should definitely make a tour of it....

SmashySmashy Fri 9/19/2008 09:30AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


You got it all wrong. Not all 3rd party steals from the left. Ron Paul is a true republican. The repub party today is basically the same as the democratic party in the sense that they love socialism and are making the fed HUGE, but they love war and bullshit religion (both parties love oil. Please just research Obama's voting record and try to defend him!!!)... It would have been perfect if Ron Paul or someone similar kept up the campaign and ran 3rd party for the presidential election. They could have gotten a significant vote, maybe like 10% or 20%. Since most Ron Paul supporters would NEVER vote for Obama, it is really stealing McCain votes. Obama would win '08. He would fix our foreign relations, but severely fuck our economy with government intervention, giant government programs, and NOT decreasing the pentagon budget (do some fucking research, the man isn't much better than Bush!!). Then after his 4 shitty (albeit slightly better than the GWB presidency, i mean come on) years in office, everyone will realize that Democrats and Republicans are ONE IN THE FUCKING SAME!!!! Then there you have it, Ron Paul or someone like minded 2012!! So go Obama '08!!! I might even vote for him just to fucking prove to everyone that the democratic party is no better than the republicans. So lets have this discussion again in 2 years under the Obama presidency. Please prove me wrong, but you have to get Obama in office first so keep up the work,

boxofrain007 Fri 9/19/2008 09:41AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Got my tickets... Hey Phil, Bob, Mickey, & Bill can't wait to party like we did last time, Do you remember? You were playing that song that made us all smile, dance and have a real good time!! Woo Hooo can't wait! See you all there!

theman632k4 Fri 9/19/2008 09:45AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

it wouldn't let me buy 2 tix with my student ID...weak sauce

acomma Fri 9/19/2008 09:53AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


50 bucks? Please.

elBerto Fri 9/19/2008 10:03AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I agree with the pharmer... about the Phillies!

KYBluesky starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 10:03AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I want to go! I love all these guys (hey, but no chicks--where's Grace Potter?!) I don't blame artists who don't take a stand publicly, but I love the ones who do! GOPs just get pissed b/c it doesn't fit within the framework of their limited views of the world i.e "Play for me you little music people! Then go away." Whatever. Yeah for freedom! Yeah for courage! Have fun everyone who goes...

Orpheus Fri 9/19/2008 10:13AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Ohhh yeah, I'm in. See the show, vote for freedom!

UseURHead Fri 9/19/2008 10:30AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

SmashySmashy - Whoops, you're right, my apologies! Don't know how that slipped my brain. I believe that typically, it's more of a lefty effect thing though.

pcoker starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 10:40AM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
Road To Shambala Fri 9/19/2008 10:43AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Road To Shambala

I like change, quarters are my favorite.

Pipes3 Fri 9/19/2008 10:44AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Obama has raised the Dead.

EricTW83 Fri 9/19/2008 10:45AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I am all for Obama, and I respect the Dead for standing up for what they believe in at this time of turmoil and uncertainty in America. But as a fan I wouldn't be treating this show the same way as a regular dead show. Seriously, all the rants about W. will surely lead to some freaked out folks at the show. And on another issue, has anyone else grown tired of Phil and Bobby playing the same old tired sets all the time to f'd up crowds? I am. The only recent Dead project that has musically interested me has been the Rhythm Devils.

thewormisgod starstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 11:29AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

come on Dead NYE at the Bill Graham!

GreenGoat86 Fri 9/19/2008 11:38AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


EricTw83... no. No i am not tired of either Phil or Bobby or their setlists. Hope that answers your question.

Junglistic-Hippie Fri 9/19/2008 12:37PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I've been trying to get tickets since 12, is the show sold out?

DrumJam24 Fri 9/19/2008 12:40PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


wish i went to penn state...

spentmule Fri 9/19/2008 01:18PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

too bad Abts, Louis, & the introduction of Carlsson didn't make the bill

Sixmilliondollarman Fri 9/19/2008 01:50PM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
2Benny Fri 9/19/2008 01:52PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


what is either of these candidates going to change. Obama is so inconsistent and McCain is a clone of W. SmashySmashy I gotta say I'm impressed. It's nice to see there are still some Heads out there with COMMOMSENSE and that are not so blinded by the promises of a shiny new trendy "spokesperson" for our generation. You gotta admit it's hard not to like the man. The past 8 years have not been the best for our environment, the economy, our education and healthcare programs let alone our troops that are valuable, when justifiably called to serve, and he does promise change to all these things but why not consider a man like Ron Paul. Look him up. Sure he's not going to win but I'm tired of feeling trapped like I have only 2 options. This is a democracy and my vote does count so my advice is vcte for who you think Should win NOT who you think will most likely win.

BGsteveBG Fri 9/19/2008 02:42PM
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stinkd starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/19/2008 04:36PM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

In honor of Obama and the good old Grateful Dead I want to road trip to the show, heading to Pennsylvania from Colorado... It could be a road trip for "Change back to 1994" when the Grateful Dead and Phish were playing out in this great country of ours. We can arrive at the show a day early, and after the show hang out with the Deadhead crowd. This roadtrip might be a real friendly way to bring back the feeling of 1994, or better yet the 70's when the Allman Brothers and GD ruled the land, rockin' out for the cause of freedom.. And a few days after the Obama show is over the Trey shows begin. Seriously, who wants to join me for the ride? Take time off from work/school/or whatever and lets roadtrip toward Allmans, GD, and Trey Anastasio (I am only planning on attending the Conneticut and Albany Trey shows. Who's with me? Lets hop in my Eurovan and split the gas money)....

summit2 Fri 9/19/2008 07:50PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Yes the dead were political in an anarchistic sort of way (Emma Goldman). Jerry's grandmother led a strike remember that story. More importantly they were nonreligious and had very nonrightwing chrisitan values and were all about alternative viewpoints. The GOP is trying telling us what to think not our artists. The dead/allmans are supporting the party that supports less facism and more freedom they are true patriots remember the minute man emblem and all the photos of jerry and the boys with the US flag taken it back from the war mongers.

jackstraw1965 Fri 9/19/2008 08:24PM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


sugar17 Sat 9/20/2008 01:27AM
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cant believe i have to miss this right now im in iraq so there is no way i can make it this kinda show only comes around once all of you fortunate enough to go make sure you enjoy yourself and each other have a blast and remember the importance of this type of show let your voice be heard

lexslamman starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/20/2008 07:24AM
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sugar17. you'll be there in spirit. May the four winds blow you safely home.

Tony8 Sat 9/20/2008 07:30AM
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Nothing left to do but SMILE SMILE SMILE! According to this particular lineup, does that mean Warren & D Trucks will be taking the lead for The Dead? If so, I am down with that!

Tony8 Sat 9/20/2008 07:31AM
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Much respect sugar17. Thank you.

thehurricane23 Sat 9/20/2008 08:53AM
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thehurricane23 Sat 9/20/2008 09:00AM
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Hey anybody without a ticket can get a VIP starting at $2500 per ticket. Wow, thats some "Change I Can't Scrape Together".

thehurricane23 Sat 9/20/2008 09:38AM
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PLEASE GOOGLE "SENATE BILL 1955" -- After Obama plays your college he is going to help set up "Domestic Terror" watchgroups on college campuses. If you are lucky enough to be in attendance I urge people to take signs urging Obama to vote NO on this bill which WILL be passed by Christmas. The bill will effectively make anyone a terrorist for having an "extremist belief system used to promote social change". What is extremist? What is force? America is fucked and one man is not gonna "change" shit to roses.

rutherford76 Sat 9/20/2008 10:13AM
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Never thought all these fans could be fooled by one man so easily.I'ts a shame we all want change but not from a man with no exp. who is basically an MLK wannabee with no ideas of his own.Listen to his interviews he never has a good answer to any problem but the word change.WHAT CHANGE! Of course this will be hidden because i have an opinion other than praising obama

LeahEMiller Sat 9/20/2008 10:28AM
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aereo-plain Sat 9/20/2008 12:43PM
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To whoever it was that said we live in a democracy... you must not live in the United States of America, because we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

thank you, and good luck wading through the issues of electing presidents if you don't understand the system we live in... read the constitution, its quite refreshing. (Unfortunatly Obama hasn't read the constitution in a long time either, of course niether has Mccain.)

Should be a good show

dsabra11 starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/20/2008 01:18PM
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hell yes, this show is going to be amazing... the concert is sold out to the general public, but if you know anybody who goes to Penn State (student, faculty or staff), get them to go on the ticketmaster site and use their Penn State ID number (limit of 1 ticket per ID #). Not only are the tickets still available if you input an ID number, they are also $20 cheaper!!!!! I'm just wondering if you will need to present ID at the concert... hopefully not, but once I road trip up to PSU, I'm sure it will all work out... can't wait! It's gonna be amazing!

irtimed starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/20/2008 02:07PM
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nothing against or for Obama. but im suprised that everyone who says this is not good to mix polotics with music is getting like 12 thumbs down. I think its terrible that they just cant play together just to play together.

I hope these tour rumors are true!

Flat5 Sat 9/20/2008 08:16PM
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Some of you guys are fucking insane!! Phil, Bobby , Micky , and Bill are doin' a show together! who cares about all that other shit!

mmmFriedFrogLegs Sun 9/21/2008 04:47AM
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^ for real flat. amen. stellar lineup with allmans n all. gunna be a good show . enjoy if you can make it.

phunkadelic420 Sun 9/21/2008 06:51AM
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boxofrain007 Sun 9/21/2008 07:21AM
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HELL YEAH FLAT5!! I can't believe people are arguing on this forum about politics.... THE FOUNDING MEMBERS ARE PLAYING TOETHER!!!! not phil and freinds, not ratdog, not the rythem devils.... THE DEAD!!

For all of you looking for a real good time and F*** the politacal arguments, can I get a HELL YEAH!!

We're going to the dead, we're going to the dead, we're going to the dead (insert silly dance and childish singing here!)

Cooksten star Sun 9/21/2008 09:50AM
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Lame. Jerry is prob rollin over in his grave. Love the lineup, but will never support the use of bands especially from this genre for political gain. I am so dissapointed in these bands for allowing themselves to be used in such a way. They could easily sell out the same show without any poiltical implications. But that is exactly what they've done. SOLD OUT.


futhepharmer starstarstarstarstar Sun 9/21/2008 09:57AM
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Mad fun and partying sure to take place! This is gonna be one of the funnest times at a show ever! History being made. Good to see ya Frogster! wish you were going! peace

TheACDCBag starstarstarstarstar Sun 9/21/2008 12:17PM
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Penn State full of heads is going to an epic experience. i hope the music never stops. See everyone in the lot and then again on the floor, center right in front of the soundboard. Dont forget if you get confused listen to the music play! Peace

CreativSimplicity Sun 9/21/2008 12:19PM
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i want all those who say obama sucks and that ron paul rules to seriously explain themselves right now. and if you dont then all those thumbs down to spin rightfully up your ass. anywho done go on ebay and buy a ticket for $800 which they were yesterday. that would be the absolute MOST rediculous shit ever.

torn&treyed Sun 9/21/2008 02:34PM
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music and politics should be like church and state, best when seperate....and don't give me that crap about how you feel that it is not in our country..... In some countries religeon is the politics and no its not that way here no matter what you think or say. Also I will not be checking this thread again so do not bother responding directly to me

Kaleidoscope Eyes Sun 9/21/2008 03:54PM
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The GRATEFUL DEAD would not have been apart of this Jerry Garcia(remember him?????) would have said this is a LAME move. The GRATEFUL DEAD were truly taking a political stance in the 60's. BUT NOT, supporting the MAN and his agenda.

JERRY GARCIA is frowning down and that is that.

The dead will never have the maverick mindedness they possessed again, that is why they lost the GRATEFUL when Garcia passed.

stinkd starstarstarstarstar Mon 9/22/2008 12:54AM
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Seriously, most people with strong opinions about politics and music should understand this: A President should be well taught and well spoken. A band should be made up of musicians who are practiced with each other. Phil, Bobby, Mickey and Bill sound great together. Obama speaks like a composed leader. Obama has vast experience with law and politics, and he doesn't come across as one who wants war; he seems like he wants peace. And he is probably much more intelligent than any vengeful war leader. War sucks. Taking over countries has been going on forever, it is the staple of the history of politics, power is it. But we as humans are hopefully smarter now. Lets stop KILLING people and lets build up our DEFENSE instead of imposing our OFFENSE on other countries. The concert is gonna be epic, and every Phil and Friends show I have seen recently have been epic and I enjoy listening to Ratdog because it's Bobby, and The Grateful Dead are more than just Jerry (and I've seen Jerry 17 times live). And a lot of arguing sometimes sounds like a lot of hot air. And I hope they play Liberty at Penn State!

thehurricane23 Mon 9/22/2008 10:47AM
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Anyone somewhat careful on the lot. I remember Phish generating massive arrests there (over 70) a couple of times in the nineties.

thehurricane23 Mon 9/22/2008 10:58AM
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I'm just wondering what security will be like there...if Obama or Rendell or other politicos are in the house I would expect full pat downs and tighter patrols of the lot. Should be interesting...

nuke_ticketbastard Mon 9/22/2008 01:33PM
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just for the record hurricane - Phish did not generate any arrests there. The people who got busted did.

Kaleidoscope Eyes Mon 9/22/2008 02:43PM
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Lets not turn this into a tinkling contest about the number of times we have all seen Jerry.

because there are alot of people who have seen him over 65 times.

But, he was THE GRATEFUL DEAD, post Garcia =The Other Ones, Phil and Friends, Bob Weir and Ratdog, The Dead. NO, "The Grateful Dead" was hung on a marquee after Soldier Field July 9 1995.

nugghupher Mon 9/22/2008 04:18PM
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Can't beleive the dead r involved with this political nonsense. I beleive we should all be active and vote, but this is over the top. Jerry would not approve of this, thats for sure. sounds like a good show but would not go.

different strokes for different folks... I guess..........

nugghupher Mon 9/22/2008 04:24PM
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Disco Booby has more presidential experience than Obama, even i might for that fact. there will be a line on the west side of the venue for anyone else who wants to slob on Obamas nob too...

ImTheMan starstarstarstarstar Mon 9/22/2008 05:33PM
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Jerry was the Grateful Dead indeed, but move on people... Its entirely lame to say that you wont go to this show since its happening because of political reasons. I'll go see the Dead & Allman Bros for any reason. The remaining members of the Dead may not be around (I hope i'm way off here) for much longer relatively speaking. So celebrate this momentous occasion people and enjoy the music. I know i'll be at the show reveling in the glory of some of the very best and most influential musicians EVER. As Keller Williams says, "Work like you dont need the money, Love like you never been hurt, Dance like nobody is watching!!!!!"

nuke_ticketbastard Tue 9/23/2008 05:50AM
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uhhhg - josh - keller williams may SAY the work,love,dance quote , but he cetainly wasn't the first to say it.... it seems like you are giving him credit for originating that saying which has been around for quite some time.... actually i am not sure who said it first , probably some rich , one-legged virgin... just kidding , maybe i will look into the origins.....


wow it sure is evident that alot of people are just really angry..... i am not sure they even know why they are angry....

oh well..... it is a free country .... not quite as free as it used to be though....but its YOUR vote , so do what you will with it :-)

long live the dead !

Jerry still makes me smile!

isthatyoujerry Tue 9/23/2008 07:28AM
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ITS ALL A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT PEOPLE!!!its not who votes that counts its WHO counts the votes-that counts,,,its rigged! anyone who disputes that hasnt done their homework,.maybe obama is the lesser of two evils ,..but evil none the less.sorry to break that news to[some]of you guys ..maybe you should look into the cfr...[biden/m. obama are members] and get back to me,,anyway true change starts on a local level...but i will take any excuse to see the boys play..fuck national politics im going to get down and be with family shadowboxing the apocalypse....10/13/ 08

isthatyoujerry Tue 9/23/2008 08:07AM
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oh yeah,..i hope i dont forget my id that we all need to get in the door.what kind of crap is that?>>>it says on ticketbastards site you will need id.>>guess i will show id. but! i know if they have one of those little thumb scan [thing a ma giigs] or a retina scan i will politely rip my ticket up and throw it in the garbage and leave..i have nothing to hide but thats not the point. its an invasion of privacy and i suggest others do the same , have to make a stand at some point,..wouldnt that be a news story ,.fans boycott obama benefit due to increased security measures,.but we all know thats not going to happen,,to many chooches buying $500 tix.

nuke_ticketbastard Tue 9/23/2008 09:54AM
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hey - isthatyoujerry - don't worry it won't be long til every citizen will have to get a barcode id etched into their skin and then you won't have to worry about that pesky id !!! but don't tear up your ticket give it away !

oh and if you do tear it up -- make sure you do so politely !!! :-)

Orpheus Tue 9/23/2008 11:01AM
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Wake Up People !!!

deadheadjohnny Tue 9/23/2008 06:07PM
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lexslamman starstarstarstarstar Tue 9/23/2008 10:49PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Go get out and vote, folks, make a difference for someone other than yourselves.

And if you like the Obama bit, but can't get tickets to this show, you can show your support here:

maverick6100 Wed 9/24/2008 11:55AM
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$200 a ticket...i'm good...see you in spring

butchswartz starstarstarstarstar Wed 9/24/2008 02:34PM
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can't wait for this show. saw the dead bonnaroo '04. amazing!! this will be my first ABB show. see you all there. section 218.

nugghupher Wed 9/24/2008 06:36PM
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I have one extra for sale gen admission. i need $1250 for the tix. hit me at

linz6418 Thu 9/25/2008 10:41AM
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PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY TIX ONLINE!! I just wanted to let folks know about an email I received from Ticketmaster yesterday (I capitalized the important parts):

Hello, this is Ticketmaster Customer Service with an important alert for your recent purchase of tickets to Change Rocks scheduled at the Bryce Jordan Center on Monday, October 13, 2008, at 5:30PM. The total amount of tickets you have ordered exceeded the limit of 2 tickets, as set forth in the following statement as posted on

There is a two (2) ticket limit per person.

Consequently, we have cancelled some, but not all, of your tickets or ticket orders. A refund of fees incurred for those tickets has been credited to the credit card you used. Please allow 7-10 business days for the credit to post to your account.


To see which of your order(s) were cancelled, visit and sign into your account to view your order history at:

Thank you for understanding. We hope you enjoy the event.

Ticketmaster Customer Service

This would explain why ticket prices on ebay, etc. dropped drastically yesterday (people have and are selling bunk tix). If you choose to buy tickets online, make sure that you receive a receipt showing their purchase and printing. This can be found on the user's ticketmaster account; if they won't provide this, I would think twice! Be smart, pass this info on and good luck to all you obamamaniacs!

Deklen Thu 9/25/2008 07:46PM
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Linz - That crap happened to me too. damn it. If only I known that was the rule...anyway they took back the 2nd two tickets, but I keep the 1st. I'll recommend exercising extreme caution buying tickets online now, and if you already have (not from tickmaster), email the seller and ask for proof that the tix haven't been cancelled. Lot's of people gettin' burned on this one.

Deklen Thu 9/25/2008 07:56PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


As for the politcal / music mix, I think it's good. We need more people like these guys, realizing that there's a problem and not just being passive. Let's be honest, we need for McCain not to be in office. Simple as that. Love him or hate him, Obama is our man (news flash - Nader and Ron Paul have no chance). ... I commend these guys. Can't wait to get to PA and boogie. DEADHEADS FOR OBAMA

homerbrett Thu 9/25/2008 09:00PM
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I think it's totally awesome that people are pumped up for the election here on jambase and it's great to see all the eagerness for change and something new! Dead and Allman's, should be a nice treat for the lucky ones at the show. But sadly the reality is every country has treated their citizens like crap for all of history, 100% of the time (unless there is some utopia that existed before some dumb neighboring country attacked it that I haven't heard about yet). So don't worry yourself over if things are going to "change" for the better or not with the country because you definitely can change for the better no matter what reptilian hybrid is put in office and that will automatically make the country that much better! And of course when enough of the people want things to be better, then it will be and if that doesn't happen soon, no point in getting our undies in a twist over it. Just live life and be happy and listen to some good tunes! That's job number 1!

stoops Fri 9/26/2008 07:07AM
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obama is an ivy league educated race hustler. there's nothing new/fresh about his radically socialist agenda. the only change this guy brings is a new skin color & a more entitled sense of victimology to the white house... but go ahead and cast that white guilt vote!

umphscr Fri 9/26/2008 03:27PM
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hahah stoops ^^^ that's whats up

gratefulAl Mon 9/29/2008 08:56AM
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OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT(only if he eats doses at the show!) haha

isthatyoujerry Sat 10/4/2008 11:57AM
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they should open the show with FRIEND OF THE DEVIL,...appropriate for who they are fronting for*****SORRY i calls em likes i sees em

pgroover Tue 10/7/2008 02:54PM
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There are a few 100 tickets left at the Center County Democratic office. I just got 7 today!! You have to go and pick them up in person. 224 S. Allen St. $30 students $50 Everyone else Great Seats Still Available!!!

pgroover Tue 10/7/2008 02:55PM
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^^^in State College, PA^^^

brianshunt starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/8/2008 09:43AM
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I believe by list each individual member, it is symbolic that each individual is supporting Obama.

brianshunt Thu 10/9/2008 03:15PM
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2 ticket available - Email me at if interested

Guy Sat 10/11/2008 01:29PM
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Anyone who attempts to speak for the late, great Jerry Garcia is a moron. Jerry was Phil, Bobby, Mickey and Bills' best friend. They would do absolutely nothing to tarnish his legacy. Together, they'll jam out to the best of their abilities. This show will be the #1 east coast show of 2008 regardless of what is played. I can't wait to feel the energy and hear the music. Barack Obama has to be somewhat cool even if you disagree with his politics for attaching his name to this awesome event.

JackStraw58 starstarstarstarstar Mon 10/13/2008 02:05PM
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What a tour this would be! Adding all the subsequent bands, from all the players, and this is a fesival all it's own. Hopefully close to my house. 3 days on the Rocks would be over the top! Maybe in our new world starting in January, this can be done. Someone needs to throw some influence and money at the boys and get this done.....Peace. JS.

Vote, dammit!