The Unstoppable Ted Nugent

On my side is a huge mass of humanity who says we are not going to ask what our country can do for us. We are going to get up early and do what we can for our country. On the other side, you've got sniveling pimps and whores and welfare broads and people who think those are legitimate job descriptions siding with Obama and Hilary.

-Ted Nugent


"I have a very cute statement and that is I never went to college 'cause I was too busy learning shit. What I've learned is quality of life comes from attentiveness, discipline, heart and soul and consciousness, conscientiousness, decision making and choices based on how things affect others more than yourself," says Nugent. "No matter what anyone says, I have always been – and I force myself to continue to be, in ever increasing increments – an asset to everyone. You cannot find a hurt soul in my vapor trail. I'm not perfect and there's been some bumps in the road, but I will give up everything to make it better for someone else [pauses], unless that person is a robber, a thief or a rapist. I will go out of my way and forfeit a moment of happiness or even the pursuit of my happiness for another's. If some journalist somewhere would be honest enough to admit that it would be a fascinating story. I haven't sacrificed any fun. I'm happy. I rock my balls off six months of the year. There's no fault in that. My family is healthy and educated, independent, productive and kind AND I still rock my balls into a firestorm every night! I don't know what else I can do."

Ted Nugent
Again, step back from the racially charged remarks, the bow hunting, the bare-chested he-man-nedness and Nugent's main crime is a big mouth – just words, and words that one could easily tune out if they only choose to. He is an erectile symbol of the First Amendment, and, by gum, he's gonna exercise his rights and his jaw muscles as often as he can. It's hard to imagine anyone agreeing with everything he says but he says so much there's a shot at common ground with a pretty big range of folks. Sure, some of what he comes out with should give one pause but despite his voluminous ego and alpha male disposition, Nugent is still just one guy. He doesn't set policy or lead a cult or anything of the sort. He's a rock musician, a 40-plus-year survivor in an industry built on youth and contemporary currency. And he's often most entertaining when one disagrees with him because it tests our own beliefs, our own core ideals, and even if they don't line up with his we get a nice view of our own inner temperature just being around him.

JamBase: People get very put out by words, by ideas that don't agree with their own. They take personal affront at something you said rather than understanding freedom of speech means saying things we don't see eye-to-eye on. Why not listen to something or someone else instead of getting your panties in a knot?

Nugent: Bingo! And don't get upset! Smile, shake my hand and go have a nice day. I never force anyone to listen to me. Let's get to the tip of the culture war spear, since I've been riding it for 42 years, shall we? And that is my life of guns. I have machine guns. I shoot them, and I like to carry guns. I've never said anybody else has to! I've never said you have to defend yourself. I think it's sinful to NOT defend yourself, but I'd never force anyone to own, carry, shoot or even look at a gun. But my critics attempt to ban my ownership of them! I'm not telling anyone they need to eat moose. I never told anybody to shoot a deer, to eat a deer, but people want to tell me I'M NOT ALLOWED TO!!!

Don't ever tell anyone they can't do something – unless it's raping or killing someone or something like that. If you want tofu I'll fucking get you some tofu! I don't give a shit. If you can't defend yourself and a rapist has you in a chokehold I'll shoot the motherfucker for you. That's the big difference between the Left and the Right; the Left dictates theology, I don't. You don't have to defend yourself. You don't have to educate yourself or be the best that you can be but don't send me the bill for your shortcomings.

JamBase: There is a profound sense of timidity about many, many people. Hell, I'm often too big a chicken to speak my mind even when I know I should. I usually want to kick my own ass at those moments. I think we've been indoctrinated to have this sort of ingrained timidity these days.

Nugent: We were just talking about that last night. A big, fat Hispanic kid came up to me at the sushi restaurant we were at and said, "Hey, Uncle Ted, I love the way you stand up for what you believe in. I sure wish I could say stuff like that." I'm telling you, Dennis, if I had a nickel for every time someone stopped me at a restaurant, gas station, hotel, a church or a school to tell me that [trails off in disgust]. I take 'em by the scruff of the neck and yell, "You can! Nay, you MUST! You WILL! Why the fuck not!?!"

What I always come back to with you is the music. The other stuff, politics, whatever, is around the edges of that gutbucket sound you make.

Every night in concert I guarantee you the celebration will continue. There are more laughing faces in my concerts than anywhere! I'll go up against Richard Pryor's comedy routines! We make people feel alive. They feel the energy and they feel the passion and the believability factor is contagious. We believe in this music! And that's why people come back, because music is the universal communication. And when you put as much heart and soul into it as we do every night you can't go wrong. My guitar will clench your soul.

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