Yes Cancels Anniversary Tour

Yes Cancels 40th Anniversary Tour

Legendary rock band Yes announced last week that the group will be canceling their 2008 40th Anniversary Tour. The 26-city tour was scheduled to kick off in Quebec next month and run through the summer.

Yes frontman and founding member Jon Anderson was admitted to the hospital last month after suffering a severe asthma attack. He has now been diagnosed with acute respiratory failure and was told by doctors this weekend that he needs to rest and not work for a period of at least six months or suffer further health complications. Upon receiving this news the band has determined that their tour plans need to be put on hold.

"In the wake of my recent respiratory attack, doctors have advised me to spend the coming months resting and recovering," says Anderson. "Unfortunately, this means I won't be able to tour with Yes this summer as originally planned. I'd like everyone to know how deeply disappointed I am by this turn of events. I was looking forward to celebrating our music with the amazing family of Yes fans once again; but as we all know, health must come before anything else. Wishing you all the very best."

Said bassist Chris Squire, "We were all looking forward to performing for our fans after a prolonged leave of absence from touring. I am especially regretful of the fact that I know many of our fans and friends have probably laid out non-refundable airfares and hotels, etc. in order to enjoy the Yes shows this summer. Please join me in wishing Jon a speedy return to health, which at this point in time is our main concern."

Ticket refunds will be available at the point of purchase.

[Published on: 6/15/08]

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gmoo Sun 6/15/2008 03:40PM
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In some roundabout way I thought this might happen. No long distance runaround in the U.S. has made me an owner of a lonely heart.

moejoerisin Sun 6/15/2008 04:23PM
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MarkBC Sun 6/15/2008 05:49PM
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No wondrous stories for now

Bylimb Sun 6/15/2008 06:11PM
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This story is at least two weeks old, I was pretty much over the fact that my 10th row tickets would do me no good! Now I must be reminded all over again!!!

Cola21 Sun 6/15/2008 07:02PM
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...maybe that's why you had a shitty time?

Cosmicsailor Mon 6/16/2008 05:13AM
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Bummer, but they will be back fot their 41st anniversary tour and I will be there. I wish the best for a speedy recovery.

FormulaOBX Mon 6/16/2008 06:20AM
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What an amazing band.....

Road To Shambala Mon 6/16/2008 06:41AM
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worldbefree Mon 6/16/2008 07:05AM
Show -10 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
thedrugsdontwork Mon 6/16/2008 08:09AM
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uhoh Mon 6/16/2008 02:21PM
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"What a surprise, a Bisco fan not getting other band's music. But if they started that song two years ago and finished it tonight it would have melted your face or at least bent your pinkie back into shape.


not to be on his side, but you do have bisco listed under your favorite artists...

Mule86 Mon 6/16/2008 08:48PM
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YES was a very influential in the electronic/psychedelic aspect of music. Its a true bummer, as I planned on seeing them live. I hope Jon gets well soon.

River Mon 6/16/2008 09:35PM
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mon. i really feel for him. i quit smoking. then....then did i have a severe astmah attac. brahs, its a bummer, i live off an inhaler now. i wish best of luck to the boys the started sooooo much for all of us today!!!

johnnygoff Tue 6/17/2008 10:35AM
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what a roundabout.

philzone7374 Tue 6/17/2008 04:02PM
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sk8er4ever0101 starstarstarstarstar Tue 6/17/2008 05:58PM
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Yes, amazing progressive rock craziness

i loved the 1st posters references :P

I have been in love with roundabout since i was about 7 years dad gave it to me and it was my 1st tape of music i ever say the least ive been hooked since!

and tweeker, need drugs to enjoy show, guy....for your health, stop doing drugs, you don't know how to

RainbowBucketLovesYou Tue 6/17/2008 11:39PM
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this broke my heart. i've seen Yes twice and i was so looking forward to this tour. Yes must come back once Jon is well again.

Smittea Wed 6/18/2008 12:48PM
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"Yes Cancels 40th Anniversary Tour"


landoflizards Thu 6/19/2008 09:29AM
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Side note - anyone remember or hear any of those sick 'roundabouts' from the Cactus + Russo/Duo Tour a year or two back???

Yes Roks.

mkane Thu 6/19/2008 11:01AM
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Jon Anderson is the biggest prima donna in the business. When you announce your 40th anniversary tour and hire a tour staff (who turned down other work so they can support the Yes tour), you might want to get a health physical first. And I'm more pissed that they didn't attempt to find a workaround. Since Yes is primarly an instrumental band, they could have changed the set around to provide more instrumental music, and less vocals. This is a slap in the face to their fans and employees. And its even more insulting that Chris Squier states in the press release that he knows the fans are getting screwed on cancelled flights and hotels. Yes (and their management) should never be taken seriously again.

lovejahlive Fri 6/20/2008 06:43AM
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Someone kicked me the Yes boxed set a few years back. We dont have any device that plays those vinyl things but the album art(remember?) made it worth holding on to. Always loved those covers. for all the Yes newbs, they intended for you to listen to the whole recording, not just one or two tracks. prog-art-rock in its highest form! Eat some paper and put on the headphones is the best way to enjoy it.