Stream Coldplay's Album Now

Stream Coldplay's Album Now

Coldplay's fourth album, Viva La Vida, hits shelves on June 17 but you can hear it in its entirety right now, right here!

The band will also post the entire album on MySpace at 6 p.m. (U.K. time) tonight (Friday) at

Coldplay have booked a huge tour kicking-off June 16 in London. They touch down in the States on June 23 with a gig at New York's Madison Square Garden. Complete tour dates available here.

[Published on: 6/6/08]

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linsbee314 starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/6/2008 12:29PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Don't talk shit hippies! This band rocks!

Chaloupka Fri 6/6/2008 12:33PM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
KCReb Fri 6/6/2008 12:44PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


It's crazy how the poll on that site has Parachutes as their worst album. That album was so well done. It is still one of my favorites.

snappy Fri 6/6/2008 12:49PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


They know how to write a song and with Brian Eno producing the new one, well, I'm curious.

soulink starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/6/2008 12:53PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


give this one a chance, it's surprisingly good.

Jammer1086 starstarstarstarstar Fri 6/6/2008 01:05PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


i saw these guys twice and both times were awesome! the only thing that blows about seeing them live is there are thousands of screaming girls, that pay $45 to god knows how much to see them, and all they do is scream and sing all the wrong words and scream for no reason at all. if you can get past that it's amazing. check out their live DVD, it comes with a live CD too!

schofizzl Fri 6/6/2008 01:11PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


chaloupka - the ear pieces are most likely in-ear monitors, and even if it is used for a click/beep metronome it's not really cheating. sometimes that's the only way to stay on perfect time so any effects or delays will integrate seamlessly into the performance... sometimes i notice moe. using delays that are a little off time with the drums at their shows. also it is more difficult to play a song on any instrument while trying to stay on with that stupid metronome, so it doesn't really make things easier, just makes things sound tighter when used properly. i used to love coldplay around their second album but now i almost never listen to them.

Chaloupka star Fri 6/6/2008 01:39PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Yeah, I know a lot of bands use in-ear monitors. That's not what I was talking about.

MarkBC Fri 6/6/2008 02:06PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


When I saw a video of one of their live shows I couldn't get past the hordes of screaming girls 'singing' all the lyrics. I've never seen a show where people singing the lyrics actually detracted from the experience. If it was that bad on just a recording, I can't imagine what it'd be like live...

thedrugsdontwork Fri 6/6/2008 06:34PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


great band, i'm really looking forward to this album. some of the finest brit-rock out there.

Chap420 Fri 6/6/2008 09:57PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I puked and it was Yellow!!!!

pgroover star Sat 6/7/2008 06:00AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


You wanna know how I know you're gay? listen to Coldplay.

willydog Sat 6/7/2008 09:42AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Coldplay....whiney as we want to be.