Pemberton Festival Hits Canada


Tom Petty by Dave Vann
The inaugural Pemberton Festival, set for July 25-27 in Pemberton, B.C, which is located at the base of Mount Currie in the Coast Mountains about a two-hour drive from Vancouver. Live Nation and Good Boy Productions (a joint venture between the managers of Coldplay and Depeche Mode) are producing the festival, which will have two stages and a separate dance area. There will be on-site camping, an RV area and shuttle service to and from hotels in nearby Whistler. Tickets go on sale Friday, March 28th.

The line-up so far:

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Nine Inch Nails
Flaming Lips
Death Cab For Cutie
The Tragically Hip
Serj Tankian
My Morning Jacket
Sam Roberts Band
Vampire Weekend
Black Mountain
Minus The Bear
Buck 65
Secret Machines
Brazillian Girls
Fiery Furnaces
Mates of State
The Airborne Toxic Event
Carolina Liar
Grand Ole Party
Monte Negro
Low Vs Diamond
Annie Stela
The Crystal Method
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist
Junkie XL
David Seaman
Booka Shade
Tommie Sunshine
3 OH! 3
Kevin Shiu
Tony Pantages

[Published on: 3/14/08]

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phishr82 Fri 3/14/2008 12:49PM
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theres some decent bands in this lineup. score one for america junior!

GeorgieP Fri 3/14/2008 12:56PM
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Damn, now that is a diverse lineup if I've ever seen one. But fuckin' Coldplay. I hates me some Coldplay.

offchampion Fri 3/14/2008 01:08PM
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America junior, ha! In size right? No... Equity? No... Human rights, whoops again.

jasonthehead starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/14/2008 01:20PM
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Oh Canada!

Frank Fri 3/14/2008 01:21PM
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Looks decent. Not to make fun, but is truly funny.

phishr82 Fri 3/14/2008 01:30PM
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i would actually much rather live up in BC. Great skiing, great bud.

delaneyira star Fri 3/14/2008 01:47PM
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Andy Fri 3/14/2008 02:22PM
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delaneyira, you write long passionate posts with lots of information. I think this is cool but I do know one thing you said that is incorrect. The sun is not warming right now. I am a geologist, and know that if you look at milankovitch cycles (which are the various sun cycles) then you would see that right now the sun sould be getting cooler. This is a fact, also the earth is not cooling. In fact it is warming with more temperature increases in the poles. Also the CO2 levels have risen over 200% what it has been naturally for the last 2 million years. The warming on the poles would occur with increased CO2 in the atmosphere. This is all probably caused by man, wheter industrial, cutting down forests, or raising cattle. Thats all, just had to correct that one thing.

dlightphul Fri 3/14/2008 02:24PM
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the cia did not create LSD. false.

dlightphul Fri 3/14/2008 02:25PM
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reiteration: "the cia created LSD back in the 50s" is a false statement.

dlightphul Fri 3/14/2008 02:37PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

delaney, i'm afraid that the burden of proof is on you.

dlightphul Fri 3/14/2008 02:39PM
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outstanding lineup, by the way.

delaneyira star Fri 3/14/2008 02:48PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Nice, glad to see responses. Allow me to elaborate. Lysergic acid is found in nature, there are some seeds that you can get derivitives from. BUT, it was the cia that introduced it into culture. So ACID as a cultural device was created by the CIA. Look up the family jewels documents(official govt documentation released due to a freedom of information act) where they talk about giving unwitting citizens acid and then evaluating thier response. They thought they could throw it in our water and use it as mind control but as you know people become very unpredictable and artistic on acid. Not exactly the types of reactions that teh control freak elite would want with a mind control substance.

But honestly, why even dispute that, who cares. What about the bush family ties to the nazis? what about the private federal reserve? what about 911 being an inside job.

Guess everyone agrees with my prior assertions.

on the global warming thing, yes, the sun does fall into cycles but like everything in nature there are also unpredictable short periods of activity. If you look at the information from the soho solar telescope youll see that the sun has been increasing in luminocity. Very recently the sun has cooled dramatically, reletive to the time period we ussually expect with such changes. CO2 does have a dramatic effect but it is much longer term. Im glad you mentioned the other environmental things, they are much more significant. The reason the media blasts you with global warming instead of the chemecals and deforestation is because the globalist who want world govt want a global carbon tax. So they focus on hte issue that is most beneficial to them. The issue that they can profit the most from. And by profit i mean power, not money. These globalist are the people behind the federal reserve so money doesnt really mean anything to them. If they want money, they just print it. No, these fuckers want complete control over our lives. In order to do this you need to reduce the independance of the people. The best way to do that is tax. What better way to tax the people than to say the planet could die. The sinister nature of these people is revealed in the fact that they are lying about the true nature of global warming. The truth is there are many factors. But CO2 is not the most significant, only the most profitable. The sun is the source of earths energy. So if the sun gets hotter obviously the planet is getting hotter. A good example of how the sun is getting hotter, Mars, jupiter, saturn and the moons of those planets are all experiencing warming. How are SUV's causing that? Personally i would say not using coal that has tons of mercury in it would be far more beneficial than a carbon tax.

Thanks for actually reading my long ass post. Look some of this stuff up. Even the global warming stuff, im not saying we dont do fucked up stuff to the planet, and im also not sayin the increase in co2 doesnt have a huge effect, what im saying is that its greatly over exagerated and the true nature of the warming is a combination of many factors. But understand the sun is the most powerful driver of global climate and tempreture so dont rule out the sun having a dramatic effect.

Govindaze starstar Fri 3/14/2008 03:02PM
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Hmmmmmm.....Its good to be aware......but very bad to live in fear.

a balance must be struck.

sleewell Fri 3/14/2008 03:05PM
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some really good bands and some not so good. would love to see NIN. eh?

UnceBegunce Fri 3/14/2008 03:29PM
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delaney, sounds like you just watched zeitgeist.

Andy Fri 3/14/2008 03:45PM
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So, I read the findings from the Soho solar telescope and they confirm what I said, that the sun is cooling. What the text say's is that there is no significant change in suns irradience in the recorded record (which is only 11 years). From looking at the graph you can see that it has varied slightly and was actually getting cooler since 2001. Also you can see if you look at the general trend it appears as though it is cooling. this is a topic I am interested in so I do the research and it looks like I was correct and the sun should be cooling based on the 11 year record from the soho solar telescope. Also the larger trends like the cycles I talked about before show that the sun is moving towards a cooler time period. If you have another source that can prove that the sun is warming I would like to see it but so far you are incorrect. I agree that the media and gov are hyping this whole thing up to be more than it is but the fact is that the earth should be cooling and it is not.

youenjoymyself33 Fri 3/14/2008 04:27PM
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so...about this pemberton festival...

BooneRes Fri 3/14/2008 04:33PM
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Wow you guys i can't believe you are contradicting Delaney...... he obviously knows all there is to know about everything and we should all listen to him......... fuckin douche bag post that shit somewhere else man and get a life while you're at it!

phishr82 Fri 3/14/2008 05:15PM
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cant we all get back to making fun of bands like every other thread on here? who fuckin cares about that shit delaney?

moejoerisin Fri 3/14/2008 10:16PM
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just because few people know about something doesn't make it untrue or unimportant. i applaud delaneyira. his mind and heart are in the right place, though his rants may be a touch out of place.

Mule86 Sat 3/15/2008 04:26AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Nice Lineup minus the dude from System of a Down...BC is a beautiful place...and btw Delaney, LSD was synthesized by Albert Hoffman in 1938...and accidentally ingested years later in 1943. Let that be the final word on unrelated shit...My bad y'all...Go on with the chlorophyll

hnkscrpio starstarstarstar Sat 3/15/2008 08:16AM
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Wow I'm glad to see there are still people like Delaneyira still alive. It is nice to see someone challenge common beliefs. But hey man, where did you get all this info? Are you some sort of secret agent or something? Is the the CIA going to come kill us all after we read your post? You mentioned propaganda. There is liberal propaganda as well. All sides use it. Also, anybody who thinks the country still operates on the gold standard is living in the dark ages. You said all the gold from Fort Knox was stolen. That gold belonged to the federal reserve in the first place, you can't steal from yourself. You also mentioned the gov't borrowing money with interest from itself. The U.S. does offer things called U.S. Treasury bonds to domestic and foreign investors. These make up for a huge amount of the deficit, but they also stimulate our economy. You mention a private federal reserve, they are all not open for the public if that's what your getting at. Just a few point, I majored in economics so this was right up my alley. Again big props to Delaneyira for thinking outside the box.

Aside from a few bad seeds, this fest looks cool.

EVILFUNK starstar Sat 3/15/2008 08:30AM
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america junior? ha! all the dough we funnel into the BCster & maple syrup hustle as a nation & you act like we aint CAs bicth? my cousin Earl up in BC could smoke you (phisher82)under the table. GOPHER EVERETT?

delaneyira star Sat 3/15/2008 09:49AM
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I am a constituitionalist. The constituition clearly states that gold and silver are legal tender to be minted by the federal govt. One of the very few powers the federal govt was granted by the constituition. The federal reserve is a private corporation. It keeps its meetings private. And they are trying or already have stopped publishing the M numbers. The dont want people to know how much paper is in circulation. The have also changed the CPI(consumer price index) perameters. CPI is consumer price index and that is how they difined standard of living. The have relaxed the CPI perameters so that the standard is lower than it was before they changed the CPI perameters. So if a person who was eating steak on average now is eating hamburgers, but since the CPI standards have been reduced they dont publish the loss in living standards because it still meets thier lower standards. This is how they manipulate thier figures. Anyone who is living on a fixed income like social security will feel me on this one. The reason the lowered the CPI standard is to conceal the inflation. We are on the brink of hyper-inflation. Traitor alan greenspan has been telling open nations to dump the dollar and start buying and selling in other currencies. When they do this, you can kiss american economic dominance good bye. Why would an american be undermining the economy of his own country? Perhaps its because these people dont consider themselves american as much as they consider themselves citizens of earth. They are globalists and they dont swear allegince to any country. In fact, they think national soverignty is a thing of the past and its time to recognize a world governign body. Well im sorry, im fucking american. Anyone of you out there who actually cares about this country should be pissed off at this. With regard to hnkscrpio's comment, thanks for readin my rant. You make a good point but the fact of the matter is with interest rates so damn low and the fed printing so much paper, no one is going to invest in our tresury. The illusion of our fiat currency is crumbling. Thats all a fiat currency is, its nothing more than an illusion of capital. When you have un accountable people(federal reserve) manipulating the currency for thier own ends, collapse is simply innevitable. No im not a secret govt agent, i would never work for this govt. This whole discussion is really irrelevent anyways since the federal reserve is inconstituitional in the first place. Look up the federal reserve act on wikipedia. It was passed on DECEMBER 23RD!!!!!!! when most congressmen were home with thier families for christmas. What kind of bullshit is that, you pass the most terrible peiece of legislation on christmas with no debate. Furthermore, the bill was written by a bunch of unelected robber barron bankers(rockefeller, carnegie, warburg, jp morgan, ect...scum) Does any of this make sense in a supposedly free country. They dont teach you about this stuff in school. My brother graduated harvard with a major in economics and i had to explain alot of this to him. Theyll teach you about interest rates and investment cycles but they dont tell you that the govt pays interest for the money printed. And our income taxes goes to pay that interest. If we didnt have the fed reserve and instead the federal govt lived up to its constituitional obligation to give us sound money we surely wouldnt need an income tax. They didnt have an income tax before the federal reserve. Does that seem sketchy?

sk8er4ever0101 starstarstarstarstar Sat 3/15/2008 10:56AM
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you watched zietgiest, didn't you delaneyira?

crazy movie

jcolb16 Sat 3/15/2008 11:26AM
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i would go just for booka

allthink Sat 3/15/2008 11:39AM
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allthink have IRA in your username. I knew it.

But are you serious...Rothbury could use a little NIN...TRENT.

freetime3 Sat 3/15/2008 12:21PM
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NIN puts on one hell of a show!! Simply amazing.

cuttyfives Sat 3/15/2008 12:52PM
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since when does Rosie O Donnel Post on this site

phishr82 Sat 3/15/2008 12:58PM
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you're probably right santasevil turkey. im sure cuzzin earl could smoke me under a table, lets give him a trophy cause that's what really matters. it was a joke btw..

BRabbit Sat 3/15/2008 04:47PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


People whats sad is that delaneyira is the only dude who has told us the truth in the last 70 years. we all may think he is crazy, but really he makes good sense. i believe in you dude. we are fucked, all fucked. i dont live in fear because theres no need but in all honesty we are fucked becuase everyone lies to better themself. we are fucked because no one can take responsibility anymore. juts one year i would like to say that americans really stuck with each other, but nope media seperates us in class, in race and in culture. heres an idea lets not vote lets not even have a persident. why do we want one half of america is going to hate each other anyways and we all know that the president has no balls and wants to protect the people. sorry i lost faith in the early 90's when media thought it was cool to coverage a war. This line up is just as crazy as my statement. Peace o and one more thing fuck religon

BRabbit Sat 3/15/2008 04:48PM
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hey cutty your the dave fan who where's pink polos right? so could you really be rossie o donnel? your statements are dumb as always.

kyjed48 Sat 3/15/2008 05:34PM
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mule86, That was some funny shit!

ImTheMan starstarstarstar Sat 3/15/2008 08:16PM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
Gigger starstarstarstar Sun 3/16/2008 09:33AM
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careful delaney...uncle sam is monitoring

btw this festival could be awesome given its location

moejoerisin Sun 3/16/2008 10:54AM
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moejoerisin comes josh99 with the "America: Love it or Leave it!" bumper sticker.

if you think it's a free country, look up the patriot act, military commissions act, HR 1959, or hell even research the hundreds of FEMA prison camps (contracted by GE and Halliburton/KBR, of course) across the country.

allthink Sun 3/16/2008 02:05PM
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is this the best post run ever...I have laughed pretty hard...wish i lived remotely near B.C. smokes roo.

cuttyfives Sun 3/16/2008 03:17PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

bnaylor- it is you're. But my posts are stupid...FYI, i do not wear pink polos you loser ass homo

rhythmic_randomness Mon 3/17/2008 05:17AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

How 'bout this...? America is a nation full of crooked ass leaders, conspiracy theorists, live music fans, racists, activists and more categories than you can shake a freaking stick at. The cool thing is, despite the efforts of those above us in economic standing, should we posess a mind powerful enough to wade through such adversity, it is well within our means to live beyond it. True, without some people who radically advertise such travesties, the lesser aware could stand to never be exposed to these injustices. Chew on this, though. It is stated that those unaware of Christian word have a free pass up in heaven. For being unknowledgeable of it, they can't be judged by its standards. Some devout Christians think that it is their job to travel abroad and spread the word. To me, it sounds like those who are made aware(should the points about forgiveness and salvation contained in Christianity ring true)are pretty much damned to hell, should they choose to believe otherwise or fall short of the standards divulged upon them. Now whose damn job is it to decide for someone else which ideas and beliefs they should live by and/or be judged upon? I think none, except the recipients of the knowledge. Indeed, the information contained in the above conspiratory rants is something that is useful. I would ask you though ranters, how does it feel to YOU when you are forcefed information?

delaneyira star Mon 3/17/2008 07:17AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

rhythmic_randomness, the answer to your question is that it never needs to be forcefed to me because i dont have my fingers in my ears screaming, "I CANT HEAR YOU, SEE NO EVIL!!" like the little fucking babies who whine about some spelling errors. When information is presented to me, in whatever context, i process it and i address it. Its fucking crazy, youll tell people that govt has a gun to their head and theyre like, "nah man, cant talk about that, im busy making fun of someone who fucked up spelling his stupid comment.

rhythmic_randomness Tue 3/18/2008 05:02AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I don't want to bicker unproductively about this, especially on a music thread. I feel I should elaborate, though. I know that most people who dig to expose scandal probably do it as a reaction to being forcefed FAULTY information. It is those of us who choose to live by honest means who dare to venture beyond the impositions of organized religion, falsified governmental policies and anything that doesn't show a return on the honesty we try to invest in our lives. I don't mean to dismiss the fact that we are, indeed, in jeopardy of seeing our civil liberties wane to a minimum by remaining silent. I do, however, believe that most people aren't geared to receive mass amounts of this type of information. Not, at least, until a change occurs. A lot of people will squirm at the mere suggestion of being deceived on a level that they don't detect, let alone comprehend. You have to consider that most people have enough to think about just to sort out what is happening in their personal lives. I'd rather not enlist the help someone who may consider what you offer to be the burden of proof rather than the advantage of knowledge. I don't doubt your ability to reveal certain truths. I just have to question your tactics. I think the key to most successful activists is that they rally their cause at a level that doesn't overwhelm the masses whom they seek to inform.