Ween | 01.24.08 | Virginia

Words & Images by: Morgan Harris

Ween :: 01.24.08 :: Toad's Place :: Richmond, VA

Weem :: 01.24
Ween is an acquired taste. For many it becomes difficult to wade through the juvenile humor or weave around the inside jokes, but for those who are willing to dive head first into Brown Town, there is nothing more fulfilling than an evening of salacious rock courtesy of Deaner and Gener.

Walking into Toad's Place, I sensed an overwhelming rightness about the venue. It was made for Ween. I worked my way into the sold-out crowd, which perfectly reflected Ween's music: incredibly diverse, passionately weird and ready for a laugh.

Assisted by the boisterous audience, Ween set the tone for the night with a quick "HIV Song." Following the punchy opener was an upbeat run of songs capped off by a nine-minute "Voodoo Lady" featuring some of Deaner's best shredding of the evening, a cigarette firmly lodged in the headstock and bare left foot operating the pedal board. They mellowed it out for a bit with "Your Party," which features David Sanborn blowing cheese-sax on their latest release La Cucaracha. While the recorded version leans on the horn, live keyboardist Glen McClelland held down some jazzy riffs on the Rhodes that made you forget the saxophone legend was even on the album.

Claude Coleman - Ween :: 01.24
Ween kept up the subdued jazz feel with a ten-minute "Pandy Fackler," which featured McClelland's most moving ivory stroking of the night. He switched off between piano, Rhodes and synth, and even played more than one keyboard simultaneously, creating an array of varied and interesting textures.

Rather than plowing through all the new La Cucaracha material, Ween opted for a mix of old classics reminiscent of the Live at Stubb's release topped with a sprinkling of the gems from the new album. "My Own Bare Hands" was heavier than the album version, making even the preceding "Baby Bitch" sound like a Dave Matthews tune.

The guitar meltdown of "Woman and Man" preceded a nice aquatic section featuring The Mollusk's title tune and "Ocean Man" back-to-back. After we surfaced, Ween took us back in time with "Fat Lenny" and "Dr. Rock." "Fiesta," the mariachi-rock (I never thought I'd put those two words in the same sentence) track from La Cucaracha kicked off the 25-minute encore. Ween then pulled out the early classics "Big Jilm" and "Sorry Charlie" to follow live staple "Booze Me Up and Get Me High," whose lyrics rang true with the crowd on cloud nine. An extended "Fluffy" from 1996's 12 Golden Country Greats capped off the show in poignant instrumental triumph. Like "Rosebud" in Citizen Kane, it was the only way it could end.

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[Published on: 2/6/08]

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Chaloupka starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/6/2008 06:58PM
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poppasmurf starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/6/2008 07:38PM
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Saw the boys in Ft. Lauderdale, FL feb 2nd. Long live the Boognish. 6th or 7th time Ive seen them, and might have been the best. Shortest set I've seen them put on(1 1/2 hrs & 30min encore), but they were on fire. I think Deaner had a cold, he was coughing alot. My Own Bare Hands burned down the house, along with Dr. Rock. Your Party is so nice and brown, Its gotta David Bowie sound thats halarious. Highly recommend the new album, but it will take a while for it to grow on ya. Peace

JoshDrew Wed 2/6/2008 07:49PM
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Fluffy might just be the brownest song ever.

sleewell starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/7/2008 08:21AM
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FAT LENNY!!!!!! sounds like a killer show, i was screaming for a fat lenny the last time i saw them, ween rules!!!!

NatiMatty Thu 2/7/2008 08:48AM
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I agree joshdrew....Fluffy might just be the brownest song ever! or whatever that means...HA!

gwilder starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/7/2008 09:19AM
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Dude poppasmurf--6th OR 7th time? That's definite proof or what a trip to Brown town can do to you :)

D-Line Thu 2/7/2008 10:28AM
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i saw ween twice this year in NYC at the highline, it was f*cking awesome, they tore down the place. IMO this is a true rock and roll band. cant wait to see them again. new album rocks, didnt even need it to grow on me, liked it from the start. ween has never made a bad album. wish they would tour more

rulosa01 starstarstarstarstar Thu 2/7/2008 04:49PM
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Ween have been fucking owning shit recently. The entire East coast is currently a nice shade of brown. get ready Aussies... you're next!

adubvu Fri 2/8/2008 07:57AM
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mmm bananas and blow

DeadStickLanding starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 09:40AM
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"I worked my way into the sold-out crowd, which perfectly reflected Ween's music: incredibly diverse, passionately weird and ready for a laugh."

Diverse? More like perverse. (syn: wrongheaded. lol)

O1Roggae Sat 2/9/2008 08:51AM
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anyone here go to any of the fl dates last week? first time seeing them live and they kicked ass. I love weens music style lyrics and antics. I remember the whole band seemed to sync in with the crowd and somehow controlled the tempo of the whole evening. fun show