Rush Tour In 2008


After a very successful tour this year behind their 18th studio release, Snakes & Arrows, Rush will begin rehearsals in March to revamp the setlist before kicking off a 40-plus date tour with their first ever appearance in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April. Despite overall lagging numbers in big venue concert attendance, Rush grossed an astonishing $29.7 million on the 2007 Snakes & Arrows tour. Not bad for progressive hard rockers who released their first album in 1974!

2008 will see Rush tour in over 40 cities throughout the United States and Canada, making stops in many places they haven’t performed in well over a decade including Orlando, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Austin, Jacksonville and Winnipeg. Along the way, Rush will play new venues in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Seattle and revisit some familiar spots in Boston, Washington and Charlotte, amongst others. Rush fans can look forward to a complete tour announcement in mid January. As details develop information will be made available at

[Published on: 12/24/07]

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Treetophigh Mon 12/24/2007 07:27PM
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saw them this summer pretty good

the drumz sequence is awesome, felt a couple good instrumentals

the crowd is kinda funny

very 80s ish

like bobby shorts and ...

... well youd know if u went

good times overall

mrkrinkle6884 starstarstarstarstar Mon 12/24/2007 09:25PM
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Hey TreeTop.. what are bobby shorts??

roberto767 starstarstarstarstar Mon 12/24/2007 09:48PM
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Mrkrinkles - To find out the answer to your query just buy and one of the "View from the Vault" series and look at Bob Weir's legwear.

willydog Mon 12/24/2007 10:55PM
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Bobby shorts...classic. Good stuff. Remember they just kept gettin shorter and shorter until the cut offs had pockets hanging longer than the shorts. Mad hookerish...Rush rips.

mrkrinkle6884 starstarstarstarstar Mon 12/24/2007 11:34PM
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hahaha now i know whatcha talking about. Those are quite popular in the surrounding counties of good ol Knoxville, TN

Benjamin Human Tue 12/25/2007 06:06AM
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philhitz Tue 12/25/2007 06:51AM
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don't get me wrong i love rush, but haven't they been touring non-stop for the past decade w/ pretty much the same setlist every single night -- snakes & arrows is not a great effort by any stretch of the imagination either but it is much better than the awful cover-song effort 'feedback' -- at least they won't be playing to a half empty polaris this year -- the bitch is closed for good - good riddance to an awful placee to see a show!

bigfro Tue 12/25/2007 08:33AM
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Bobby shorts is funny. Benjamin maybe you need a sense of humor. everything isn't a capitalistic ploy.

bigfro Tue 12/25/2007 08:33AM
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Oh yeah Rush di the Great White North song for the Bob And Doug McKenzie album

keeperace Tue 12/25/2007 08:56AM
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Love them or hate them....although expressing the hate is pretty much blasphemy - hope they get down to richmond and rock my socks off

shonuff Tue 12/25/2007 09:43AM
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philhitz Tue 12/25/2007 09:48AM
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maybe i was a little harsh -- i just wish they would mix it up because i've gone a few times and am disappointed to see the same static set time after time (they switch out about 5 songs every other year)when they really have a lot to offer - and that cover album is awful, that's not hate, it's fact -- sorry :)

Wild Turkey starstarstar Tue 12/25/2007 09:52AM
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Wild Turkey

Red Rocks show last year gets a D-. Never go to the rocks for an assigned seating show. I had never seen Rush before so I went (paid $100 for good seats, shame on me) and all I heard were a bunch of new tunes I didnt want to hear. I appreciate their musical integrity but dont charge for unproven material. A good mix of classics isnt too much to ask. Go see moe., umph, panic, or any up and coming band who isnt trying to make a buck. My mistake.

jimithescumbag Tue 12/25/2007 12:15PM
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Is it true Alex Lifeson pushed a female cop down a flight of stairs in Florida?

Mr. Brojangles starstarstarstar Tue 12/25/2007 01:01PM
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Rush rocks. I dig their unique sound and they have a very good live show. I don't think repeated set lists are a big problem though - Rush is nice, but something tells me they don't have a lot of Rushheads following them from town to town. But I hope I can catch them in 2008.

URTH2URTH starstarstar Tue 12/25/2007 03:19PM
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philhitz nice to see a columbus native, i didn't think polaris was that horrible, though i didn't see a ton of shows there, saw the dead in 2000 there it sounded pretty good. gotta love rush, as a 3 piece they rip it up, i actually like how they play waht they want to not as much what the crowd wants, otherwise all you'd here is tom sawyer and limelight. i heard pearts wife and daughter died on the same day different years or something like that. the guy is crazy educated with degrees in philosophy and some thing else, writes most of their words too. great band.

cheekybabyyeah Tue 12/25/2007 04:02PM
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Anyone know how much these guys were fetching for a ticket? (US or Canadian dollars acceptable)

bobertjohnson starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/25/2007 05:46PM
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Rush is the shit, big fan, my father got me into them at a young age. schwahead, Peart's wife and daughter both died the same year I believe, I know it crushed him and he stopped touring/recording for awhile, he wrote a book called "Ghost Rider" about that period of his life. And he writes ALL the lyrics for the band, he's a big reader so lots of his lyrics are very fantasy-like, and yes he's very educated, I believe he's a member of Mensa. Not to mention he's hands-down the best drummer ever, don't even argue with that comment, if you do, you're a fool.

jowen001 starstar Tue 12/25/2007 08:12PM
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I have never really liked Rush music, however, as a drummer, I appreciate Neil Pert's mad skills on the skins.

TravlynnJoe starstarstarstarstar Wed 12/26/2007 09:03AM
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RUSH's NEIL PEART Named 'Drummer Of The Year'

Neil Peart proves that he is still percussively pertinent to a younger generation of drummers by winning DRUM! magazine's "Drummies 2007" "Drummer Of The Year". He also won four other awards.

Neil Peart, who turned 55 on September 12, received some pretty cool belated birthday presents from Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip/percussion magazines worldwide, such as DRUM! and Traps magazines. During this year's "Drummies", Peart was named "Drummer Of The Year" by 4000 drummers, who participated in the readership survey conducted by DRUM! for the Drummies. The runners-up were: Danny Carey, Vinnie Colaiuta, Thomas Lang. Additionally Peart won four more "Drummies" for "Progressive Rock Drummer," "Live Performer," "DVD" ("Anatomy Of A Drum Solo"), and "Drumming Album" ("Snakes & Arrows" by RUSH).

While Peart has received numerous awards for his drumming over his career, this marks the first time that he has won DRUM!'s prestigious "Drummer Of The Year".

"Neil Peart was on our June cover because we suspected this would be a big album for RUSH," said Phil Hood, publisher of Enter Music Publishing. Even though our audience skews younger than RUSH's fan base, he's a huge influence on all drummers, so it's not surprising he finally won this award from DRUM!'s readers," continued Hood.

RothburyWithCheese star Wed 12/26/2007 09:37AM
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Ashley Wed 12/26/2007 10:14AM
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Hell yeah! They're coming back to Charlotte... I'm definitely going to see them again. Loved their performance last summer.. they sounded great live.

Seriously one of the greatest bands, man.

groovatronics starstarstarstar Wed 12/26/2007 10:13PM
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fuck. yeah. rush.

i was actually quite dissappointed i didn't see them last summer.

Zarathustra024 Thu 12/27/2007 06:39AM
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Hey schwahead, nice Sweney pic. I never liked Polaris, much rather see a show at the LC outdoor.

URTH2URTH Thu 12/27/2007 09:46AM
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bobertjohnson i believe lifeson wrote 'lessons' on 2112 and geddy wrote 'tears' on 2112, but yes peart wrote pretty much everything else. i love his lyrics, put you in such a fantasy mood, i love xanadu. and yes he is the greatest drummer of all time hands down. back in the 80's we would play a kit that revolved around him on motors during his drum solo. not sure if he does it now.

zarathusta024, the LC outdoor is a great venue especially when the train rolls by. beats polaris anyday. the only problem for the bands is when the sun sets it is directly in their eyes. umphreys had to get sunglasses between sets when they opened for gov't mule. love that sweney pic, does anybody like ekoostik hookah anymore? they have had their ups and downs with ed but i still like 'em. seeing them at the newport new years eve.

petemora Thu 12/27/2007 11:26AM
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Old Rush videos are the best! Who could forget Subdivisions? That kid kicked ass in Missle Command AND Tempest! Bobby shorts is effing hilarious.

I believe they helped increase is vocal range by a major third.

gmoo Thu 12/27/2007 01:54PM
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happydestiny Fri 12/28/2007 01:22PM
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bobertjohnson starstarstarstarstar Fri 12/28/2007 02:33PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Little do you know, chilly, Rush has an unbelievably tight live performance, one of the best shows I've ever seen.

CeilingFan247 Sat 12/29/2007 08:38PM
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mackadocious Mon 1/7/2008 06:33AM
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Rush is the SHIT! You'll spend more time watching the animation on the screens than you will watching the band play. They don't charge too much; get lawn seats if possible. If you have any appreciation for classic rock then see these guys.

TravlynnJoe starstarstarstarstar Mon 1/7/2008 05:20PM
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RUSH: 2008 'Snakes & Arrows' Tour Dates

RUSH fan site has posted an updated list of concerts for the 2008 leg of the "Snakes & Arrows" tour, featuring venues for which there are known dates, and also the venues that are pending. However, it should be noted that all of these dates should be considered "official" until they are confirmed by the band.

Venues where a tentative date has been set:

Apr. 11 - Coliseo De Puerto Rico - San Juan, PR

Apr. 30 - Monterrey Arena - Monterrey, MEX

May 01 - Estadio de Nacional Chile - Santiago, Chile

May 04 - Estadio de Nacional Peru - Lima, Peru

Jun. 10 - Joe Louis Arena - Detroit, MI

Jun. 30 - SPAC - Saratoga Springs, NY

Jul. 04 - Boardwalk Hall - Atlantic City, NJ

Jul. 14 - Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY

Venues without dates:

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena - Jacksonville, FL

Amway Arena - Orlando, Florida

Honda Center - Anaheim, CA

Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA

PNC Arts Center - Homdel, NJ

Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA

New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, LA

Giant Center - Hershey, PA

Scottrade Center - St.Louis, MO

Schottenstein Center - Columbus, OH

Ford Center - Oklahoma, OK

John Paul Jones Arena - Charlottesville, VA - HELL YEAH C'VILLE ROCKS !!!

Molson Amphitheater - Toronto, ON

Credit Union Centre - Saskatoon, SK

Sears Centre - Hoffman Estates/Chicago, IL

Civic Center - Portland, ME

Tingley Coliseum - Albuquerque, NM

Frank Erwin Center - Austin, TX

Verizon Wireless Pavilion - Charlotte, NC

New England Dodge Music Center - Hartford, CT

Estadio do Maracana - Rio de Janiero, BRAZIL

Estadio do Morumbi - Sao Paulo , BRAZIL

Castelao - Fortaleza, BRAZIL

Estadio Beira-Rio - Porto Alegre, BRAZIL

El Monumental - Buenos Aires, Argentina

MTS Centre - Winnipeg, MB

Halifax Metro Centre - Halifax, NS

Harbour Station - St.John, New Brunswick

Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, Colorado

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada

TD Banknorth Garden - Boston, MA (July)

Verizon Wireless Arena - Manchester, NH (July)

The Gorge Amphitheater - George, WA

Pending Venues:

Gwinnett Arena - Duluth, GA Arena - Glendale, AZ

Carlson Center - Fairbanks, Alaska

Everett Events Center - Seattle, WA

U.S. Cellular Arena - Milwaukee, WI

Toyota Center - Houston, TX

Fed Ex Forum - Memphis, TN

Idaho Center - Boise, ID

Udontknowchit starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/9/2008 05:43PM
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Ah, hold on one second here. Firstly, Neil does not hold degrees in philosophy nor did his wife and daughter die on the same day years apart. They did each pass away but not nearly so timely. Secondly, the Snakes & Arrows show was dramatically revamped from the R30 set. Sure, they played some of the same but hey--I can hear them play Natural Science live from now until my dying breath and I still won't have had enough.

Here is wisdom--If you haven't seen these guys live in concert, you are out of the loop eternally as far as saying you know live music. These cats are veteran masters of the stage and their instruments. All who rock should answer the beacon call if you hear they are coming your way.

They filmed Rotterdam both night back in October and word is they are going to have an IMAX crew at one of these 08 gigs. Should be quite a spectacle.

Bottom line--Rush is and has been one of the most powerful bands on the planet for decades and they will rock you to your foundations if you see them. Long live Geddy, Alex, and Neil!

Udontknowchit starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/9/2008 05:51PM
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In fact, Neil is a high school dropout who is a living testament to the fact that you don't need a formal education to develop a discerning intellect. Neil was a young man who early on knew what he wanted and had the discipline to read deeply while he was busy attaining his vision. Couple that with the fact that he just happened to wind up between two unbelievably talented guitar player/songwriters and there you have the undeniable genius of RUSH. Again, if you haven't, see them while you can. They ain't getting any younger and they have too much dignity to play it like the Stones and the rest of them who can't seem to hang their hats and let it go.

TravlynnJoe starstarstarstarstar Fri 1/18/2008 08:51AM
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RUSH newly confirmed 2008 tour dates:

Apr. 11 - San Juan, PR - Coliseo de Puerto Rico

Apr. 13 - Ft Lauderdale, FL - Bank Atlantic Center

Apr. 15 - Orlando, FL - Amway Center

Apr. 17 - Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena

Apr. 19 - New Orleans, LA - Arena

Apr. 20 - Houston, TX - Woodlands Pavilion

Apr. 23 - Austin, TX - Frank Erwin Center

Apr. 25 - Dallas, TX - The Music Center at Fair Park

Apr. 26 - Oklahoma City, OK - Ford Center

Apr. 29 - Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion

May 01 - Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Pavilion

May 03 - Reno, NV - Reno Events Center

May 04 - Concord, CA - Sleep Train Pavilion

May 06 - Los Angeles, CA - Nokia Theatre

May 10 - Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay Bay Events Center

May 11 - Irvine, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

May 20 - Moline, IL - iWireless Center

May 22 - St Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center

May 24 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Center

May 25 - Regina, SK - Brandt Center

May 27 - Edmonton AB - Rexall Place

May 29 - Vancouver, BC - GM Place

May 31 - Seattle, WA - The Gorge Amphitheatre

Jun. 01 - Portland, OR - Clark County Amphitheatre

Jun. 03 - Boise, ID - Idaho Center

Jun. 05 - Denver, CO - Red Rocks

Jun. 07 - Kansas City, MO - Starlight Theatre

Jun. 09 - Chicago, IL - United Center

Jun. 10 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena

Jun. 12 - Montreal, QC - Bell Center

Jun. 14 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center

Jun. 15 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center

Jun. 25 - Indianapolis, IN - Verizon Amphitheatre

Jun. 27 - Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest

Jun. 28 - St Louis, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Jun. 30 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center

Jul. 02 - Pittsburgh, PA - Post Gazette Amphitheatre

Jul. 04 - Atlantic City, NJ - Marc Etess Arena

Jul. 05 - Saratoga, NY - SPAC

Jul. 07 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun

Jul. 09 - Toronto, ON - The Molson Amphitheatre

Jul. 11 - Manchester, MA - Verizon Arena

Jul. 12 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

Jul. 14 - Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach

Jul. 17 - Hershey, PA - Hershey Stadium

Jul. 19 - Washington, DC - Nissan Pavilion

Jul. 20 - Charlotte, NC - Amphitheatre

Jul. 22 - Atlanta, GA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park