Peter Frampton Comes Alive To Throw An Obnoxious Fan's Phone

Before rock legend Peter Frampton took the stage at The Palladium in Carmel, IN on Monday night, concertgoers were greeted with a message asking them not to take any flash photography or shoot video of the performance. The warning didn't stop one fan, who some have said arrived late, to continually shoot video and take flash photos of Frampton's performance. After a frustrating period, Peter took matters into his own hands.

Here's one account of what went down via Peturbation:

Before the show there was an announcement that while taking photos or video in the Palladium was strictly forbidden, the “Frampton people” had requested that fans be allowed to take still pictures. No video and no flash. Nice. But there was one fellow in the front row who continued shooting video on his phone despite having been told by those on stage several times to cut it out.

At some point, enough was enough, and Frampton grabbed the phone from the guy’s hand and heaved it at least a hundred and fifty feet behind the stage while never missing a chord.

And the show rolled on to thunderous applause…

Another account notes that the distracting fan went do far as ask a fellow attendee to take a "selfie" of him and Frampton. Can you imagine the balls on that guy? Onstage Magazine's Larry Philpot shares his description of the "phone toss":

As he neared the end of the song, you could see the absolute look of desperation and frustration on Peter’s face. I have never seen an artist so upset before. Once, and he stormed off the stage. At his breaking point, and the guy in the front row unrelenting – apparently with no self control considering he’s already flipped Peter off and turned around and called the rest of the audience a bunch of deadbeats – Peter ends the song, walks over and with a huge smile on his face bends down and says, “Hey can I see that? Can I see the photos you’ve been taking?” The guy hands him his phone and Peter stands up, spins, and flings for the rafters! Yes! The phone went flying to the back of the stage and we all erupted in cheers! With years of experience playing guitar, we just knew he had a great arm!

Frampton discussed the situation on his Facebook page:

For those of you from the Carmel, IN (Kah-mull) show who are still scratching your heads as to why I would relieve someone, in the front row, of their phone/camera...Please read the review below.

Many thanks to the eyewitnesses who came forward to explain how annoying, "Team Distraction" actually were.

And not just to me but everyone arm round them.

Reaction on Frampton's Facebook page was varied with most supporting the guitarist. Peter also shared the image above of two positive reactions towards the now-infamous "phone throw." Next up for Peter Frampton is a show in West Allis, WI this evening.

[Published on: 8/6/14]

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