Ray LaMontagne Rants At Talkers & Storms Off Stage In Grand Rapids

Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne brought his Supernova Summer Tour to Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI last night, where he went on a expletive-filled tirade against talkers within the capacity crowd and even walked off stage according to MLive.com.

MLive reports LaMontage's expletive-filled diatribe to those talking in the front row included several F-bombs and the phrase, “Why don’t you go the (expletive) home and talk?” The report goes on to say that after Ray dropped his guitar and headed off-stage, security and members of LaMontagne's crew talked to the audience members who were the target of the singer-songwriter's anger and shortly thereafter they left leading to cheers from some of those in the crowd. Ray returned to the stage after a delay of five minutes and didn't say anything about the incident during the remainder of his performance.

While Ray LaMontagne hasn't mentioned anything on his social feeds about what went down last night, a number of audience members took to Facebook and Twitter to voice their displeasure. We can certainly understand how frustrating it must be for a performer to deal with talkative audience members, but we do feel for those who were expecting a family-friendly concert and had to listen to an expletive-filled rant. MLive notes one particular response on Facebook: “This was the first concert I ever took my son to, he's only 6. I took him because I love the music but also because Ray seems like a pretty chill guy. So thanks for the cussing and the child like tantrum Ray. Thanks for ruining my child's first ever concert with unnecessary f-bombs.”

Ray LaMontagne's tour continues tomorrow night in Nashville.

UPDATE 12:30 p.m. PT: MLive.com spoke with one of the supposedly chatty fans at last night's show - 30-year-old Shawn Virgo. Virgo told the website that, "My fiancé and I had our conversation during one of the songs. It was mere whispers in the ear about how excited we were for the upcoming wedding, how excited to hear the song, and that it would be our first dance." The concertgoer denied he had been warned to keep it down by LaMontagne earlier in the performance, "That is not accurate. If he did do that, it was to somebody else as we did nothing to interrupt his show. We didn’t do anything that would warrant that. There had to have been some confusion with Ray and what he was offended by."

Virgo feels the venue staff handled the situation well, but he felt he was being asked to leave the concert. "We didn't want to stay because we felt like there might be more incidents if we did but I do recall that it was made very clear to me by one of the security guards that we needed to leave the venue. We weren’t there to be disruptive, we were there to have a good time and that’s exactly what we were having until this happened," the concertgoer told MLive. Virgo added, "I wish it could have been handled differently without him storming off stage and using foul language in front of families. If we truly were being bothersome, I’d like Ray to know what was being said and it really was just whispers about how excited we were to have his song be part of our wedding. I think he would have handled it differently if he would’ve known what was being talked about. We’re there to see him and excited to see him and that was the only thing we wanted to do, not upset him."

[Published on: 7/24/14]

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