Phish Fan Who Won On Price Is Right Writes About Experience

We went into the audience and the energy in the room was through the roof. It’s a surreal experience. Several of the crew were wearing Phish shirts including the hype guy who got the audience excited, who was wearing a "Mike’s Song" shirt. The announcer and Drew (Carey) came out to huge applause and the show began. As they were setting up the sets in between contestants Drew came out to the audience and pretended to do a Vegas lounge act, including pretending to smoke a cigarette while he asked people where they’re from and joking with the announcer. It was great.

After the first three contestants spun the wheel, my name was called to come on down. I won the last chance to be a contestant with my bid of $1, and rushed up to the stage, it was like being brought on stage at a Phish show to do the "Meatstick" dance, incredible. As they introduced my name Drew said, “This is really easy, you’ve got a great chance to win.” He was right! I had a 50/50 chance of winning my game. I was definitely caught up in the moment and turned to the audience. Everyone in the audience was shouting the same thing at once “5549!” so I blew on my hands and moved the block…and won!

This whole time I was trying really just to open myself up to be creative, funny, entertaining and follow the signs as to what to do. I had done some research on prices, but let myself get swept away with excitement and enthusiasm and did what felt right in the moment.

Next was the Wheel spin. The woman in front of me spun $.85, so I thought "well, this has been fun, I won my game and have a great story, good for her." I had nothing to lose, so I put everything into my spin. I wanted to thank my Grandma who I grew up watching the show with, and my wife and brother. I wanted to thank Phish fans because they make it possible for Phish to do what they do and have been a huge inspiration to me for over 16 years of Phish concerts. This fan base is filled with highly creative people who create and make stuff such as posters, pins, stickers, live streams, phan art and more. They inspired me to be someone who makes and does stuff and be creative as well. As I turned back to the Wheel, it started to slowly stop on $1 and I was amazed. It’s like catching lightning in a bottle, what are the odds it would be me? I’m always one to appreciate the moment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks, I think it shows in the clip.

Next up was the final Showcase. A producer told us to be careful not to overbid and we got ready for the main event. As the big winner I got to choose which one to bid on. I chose the first showcase because it spoke to me. They referenced “The Long and Winding Road” as they introduced the scooters and the chance to travel and play music with my wife as our duo group, plus a train ride through Canada like Festival Express?!?! This was the showcase for me, it didn’t matter what was in the other one.

I knew from my research that prices on the show were about 30% higher than average, so I figured about $10,000 for the two scooters and $12,000 for the trips together. My wife’s birthday is 2/22 and Phish always taught me to tie in meaning and references whenever possible, so I made my final bid $22,222…and won!

Having my brother and wife rush on stage to celebrate was the icing on the cake. We jumped on the scooters and were warned by a stage manager the bikes weren’t totally secured on the platform so don’t fall, you can see my reaction in the clip. I called my Grandma right after whose tears of joy were very moving. Total winnings on the Price is Right? $30, 658.34. Making Grandma happy? Priceless.

We went back to our hotel room to celebrate and get ready for Phish at the Hollywood Bowl. They later played a Beatles tune that night, tying the whole day together for me. Thanks guys! I felt like I had this big secret and experience that made me so happy and excited. When we got to the show it seemed like everyone was feeling the same way I did. We all had a secret and shared experience that made us feel like we just won The Price is Right — seeing Phish! Best Show Ever!

Here’s links to check out if interested, I’ll be on tour with The BodySound Chair at music festivals and playing music all over the Midwest as part of The Twin Cities (with my wife), The Regulars (funk rock) and The Minnesota Bluegrass Band.

Thanks to John for sharing his memorable experience with us.

[Published on: 11/14/13]

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