The JB List | Seven Things We Learned From Jason Hann's Ask Me Anything

Earlier this afternoon String Cheese Incident percussionist Jason Hann responded to questions posed by fans on the band's Facebook page. We've compiled seven of Hann's most interesting responses for this week's JB List.

1. String Cheese Incident will return to Electric Forest in 2014:

Question: Will Cheese be at the Forest next year?

Answer: So many rumors around that too. Yes we'll be there.

2. The band wants to focus on "fresh material":

Question: What do you say to the SCI fans who tend to hate on the electro grooves? I can't stand listening to "fans" bitch about new directions a band is taking, I personally LOVE it.

Answer: To each his own. Know that it's part of the make up of the band right now, and the seeds have been planted since the late '90s. Kang was basically the one to introduce Bassnectar to the jam/festival scene as he and Travis have been going to Burning Man since the late 90s.

Tipper was such a giant influence on Kang, me, and Travis and we have aspired to make those sentiments come across by a live band. If you listen to Kyle's solo CDs, they have a strong electronic programming influence on there.

We only do it a couple of times a night in the same way we treat other genres such at afro and latin songs.

There's always archives to listen to. We get so much slack from old schoolers who want to relive 1999-2001 over and over. That's fine. We love the history of our material from the past, but want fresh material to dive into, like BollyMunster.

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