Review & Photos | Burning Man 2013 | Black Rock City

Miss Applecat returned to Burning Man at the Suspended Animation camp just preceding sunrise, for a hypnotizing display of ethereal bass aerobics and enrapture. In the 7 O'Clock Plaza, under a cherry moon racing behind the highlands, it was dub-step sexiness, sultry, beguiling baby-makin’ music, a triumphant bass baptism as we channeled the Gods and earths before becoming them. This year’s Applecat Playa adventure embodied the closing of her journey birthed over one thousand days prior. Her otherworldly mix marked a definitive juxtaposition betwixt a dusty child-like state and a new evolution of a desert dwelling feline, a Lion’s roar and honest assessment of my own state of being as Burning Man blissfully concluded.

[Photo by Applecat]


Watching the red sun rise over the flat lands cradled by the temple, a chrysalis; just as I started my journey in 2011 I ended it as such; welcomed and sent off with the bright red warmth of my Father Sun against the dark blue skies that house my Mama Moon; together creating promenading water colors and harmonic duality in the dawn; endings and beginnings; circles and 3's.”

Embarking on this ambitious challenge of penning a narrative that would encapsulate my Burning Man experience was my own social responsibility. Rest assured, the aforementioned, in total, covers merely a smidgen... a tidbit, of the complete adventure that is Black Rock City. I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to my camp Bee Here Now, who indoctrinated me into Burning Man in the most righteous of fashions, providing the best energy, vibration, food, people and most of all LOVE that I could have ever hoped for. Indeed, I dreamt it up a certain way, but I can tell you today, it was even better! Next year on the Playa… Namaste.

For some tremendous blogging about Burning Man that focuses on the plethora of artistic endeavors other than music, please peep the blogs of our gracious photographers Duncan Rawlinson and legendary rock shutterbug Jeff Kravitz. Stream Burning Man 2013 DJ sets here.

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[Published on: 9/18/13]

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