C4RT | 10.01.07 | Massachusetts

Words by: Andrew Bruss | Images by: Scott Fleishman

The Campaign For Real-Time :: 10.01.07 :: Great Scott :: Allston, Massachusetts

The Campaign For Real-Time :: 10.19
The Campaign For Real-Time (C4RT) drove home a hyper-energetic set that completed their "Making Mondays Tuesdays" residency at Allston Mass' Great Scott. This group of local residents has been performing at the venue every Monday for the last month to help promote their new release, L.A. Tracks (1933-1969), and further establish themselves as a powerful, reckoning force within the city's rock 'n' roll community.

Their "history" comprises a journey to the year 2219 and back to the present to perform cover songs by bands that don't exist yet. As much of a gimmick as this may be, the utilization of duel analog-digital synthesizers on top of their guitar, drum 'n' bass foundation gives their sound a rich, techno savvy sound that's a hefty blend of Talking Heads meets The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

When the sextet took the stage, they tore into a tight performance of "Adjustments" that caused the crowd to spontaneously erupt into a dance frenzy. As Rory Stark (guitar, vocals) belted the lyrics, the group's semi-frontman and Moog master, Lee Bronson (who has since left the band), romped around the foot of the stage to engage the crowd even further. His antics were reminiscent of a Jim Morrison/Dr. Gonzo hybrid, fusing Morrison's loony, prophetic vibe with the charismatic rabblerousing that's made Hunter S. Thompson the legend he is.

For a band that's rarely booked in venues larger than the average nightclub, their sense of large-scale theatrics is amazing. Every show they played during their residency featured a homemade stage extension that provided them with a catwalk to bring the show deeper into the crowd. On top of the props, their approach to performing places a heavy emphasis on the visual experience, which is unique for a band with their level of success.

C4RT attacked a rendition of "Rachel Says" that featured Falconer Model 7 (keyboards) on vocals. As he spat out the words, he dove back and forth into the crowd as a means of breaking down the barrier between the band and their audience.

The Campaign For Real-Time :: 10.19
What makes C4RT such an interesting live spectacle is the amount of action that transpires on stage. The group's six members swap instruments, take turns in the spotlight and always keep the onstage antics alive. During "Turn The Gun On Me," Stark encouraged the crowd to clap along while Bronson romped around the catwalk, throwing the occasional kick into the air.

For avid fans, their performance of "Don Cheadle" was sure to be a highlight of the set. C4RT hasn't played the song in quite some time, citing a frustration with their ability to keep the improv segment fresh. This night they dished out the fan favorite in a rhythmically reinvented style that put older renditions to shame.

After closing their formal set with a new tune called "So Lonely," they returned for an encore, a "Dark Star"-esque version of "One In The Gut" that featured all kinds of extensive jams and some seriously bizarre uses of sound. While each member took turns taking shots on stage to celebrate the close of their residency, Stark scraped his mic up and down the strings of his guitar to create an ambient sound that gave the song an extra layer of sonic bliss.

This performance at Great Scott was by far their best of the month long residency. More so, it was one of the greatest performances they've given to date. They're still in the early stages of their live development, having just broken the 100th performance mark. But, the fact remains that as soon as these guys start moving up into the big leagues their preternatural sense of theatrics is sure to grow with their success. For now, The Campaign For Real-Time has yet to branch out beyond the Northeast but if they keep playing shows like this you'll be hearing from them soon enough.

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AZ~*Droo* starstarstarstarstar Tue 11/6/2007 11:30AM
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"Their "history" comprises a journey to the year 2219 and back to the present to perform cover songs by bands that don't exist yet...techno savvy sound that's a hefty blend of Talking Heads meets The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy-What!?! sounds way crazy!!!

Tall starstarstarstarstar Tue 11/6/2007 09:12PM
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Cool review, and sounds like a fun band to see live.

Back to the future please, Doc. Where we're going we don't need roads.

mrkrinkle6884 starstarstarstarstar Sun 11/11/2007 01:51PM
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what about the energy to raise the 1.21 gigawatts??