Music creates an embrace that extends beyond artist and audience. As creativity seeks release from control of the moment, intense energy is guided through the open doors of emotion, giving it the potential to accomplish anything. That vulnerability fosters mutual support and fuels the dream of a more beautiful world. Love is spread and can go beyond the music scene to other of humanity's members who can use a hand. Hands connect and the reach becomes all inclusive but we can only get there by initiating efforts such as Action Against Hunger's benefit concert series.

On Wednesday, April 25th The Slip takes the stage at Boston's Avalon Ballroom in the first of the year long Groove Against Hunger series. It's a multi-city, multi-venue approach to increasing both awareness about world hunger and the resources to help those in need. The goal is not temporary relief, but a four pronged approach, integrating immediate nutritional relief, long term protection of the food supply through technology and training, health care and restoration of water supplies and sanitation.

Program organizer Peter Costello has long been involved with philanthropic work, now devoting his time to Action Against Hunger. Founded in 1979 in response to the Cambodian refugee crisis, Action Against Hunger now has more than 4,000 workers in over 40 countries, working to save lives and restore food security to populations victimized by armed conflict. Peter's also a fixture in the live music scene as both an avid taper and tour manager for Soulive. On the road, he encountered many people willing to get involved including fellow taper Jim Crichton who records the work of some travelling minstrels known as The Slip. Through that link, Groove Against Hunger was born.

Anyone who's been at a Slip show has felt the warmth of the band that comes through their performances and permeates the crowd. It's a tradition handed down through generations of all types of people who came together through the open expression that The Slip carries on. The band's dedication to easing the lives of others has been evident in their work with the Drepung Gomang Monks (touring for the sake of a centuries old monastery teaching the ways of a displaced culture), Rosie's Place (a women's home for which they performed in the holiday season of 1999), the Organic Farm Cooperative and an upcoming September show outside a house in Providence on behalf of Ape Iron (an ecologically and economically efficient attempt at natural housing). Consisting of brothers Andrew and Brad Barr and Marc Friedman, The Slip's family numbers many more than three.

Band manager Darren Cohen donates his efforts to produce the kick off event next week, with the support of Don Law and SFX, Andrew Stahl of Gamelan Productions,,, and The Slip will be donating a significant portion of their earnings from the show to Action Against Hunger and $0.91 of every donated dollar goes directly to field programs.

Groove Against Hunger is a way to bring the geographically spread out fanbases closer together and link them with bands that touch their lives, all for a good cause. The hope is that performers who normally wouldn't play together will come out and share a stage for the benefit of those in need such as the people of Sudan and Kosovo. Interest is stirring in venues and musicians throughout the east coast which will translate to the shows in upcoming months, increasing the power of the people to effect a better existence for human beings who are suffering needlessly as the result of violent movements to which they did not contribute. Not only will attendance breed the resources needed to aid Action Against Hunger's efforts, but the communal spirit of a live music experience and positive nature that eminates will spread the healing waves needed to bring us closer to a unified, healthy and safe global society.

The all ages show, a benefit for Action Against Hunger, occurs at the Avalon Ballroom in Boston, MA on Wednesday, April 25,2001. Doors open at 7:00 p.m., and the openers, Actual Proof , take the stage at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $12, available at the door. For more information, call (617) 262-2424, or check out or

[Published on: 4/24/01]

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