High Sierra Surprises

Surprise Me Mr. Davis at Camp Harry by SuperDee
The High Sierra Music Festival is a special place. It's the one time of year many of us feel at home with the people we love. Anyone who has attended the festival knows this, and for those of you who have not made it, clear your schedule now, you won't be sorry. As JamBase prepares our coverage of the fest we wanted to share a very special set from the camp site known as Camp Harry (where many of your JamBase representatives call home during High Sierra).

Cold Turkey's podcasting duo of Benjy Eisen and Mike Greenhaus have recorded a surprise set by Surprise Me Mr. Davis, the union of The Slip and singer/songwriter Nathan Moore, at Camp Harry. The gig took place late Friday night and featured such songs as "Ambrosia Drunk," "Unprotected Sex Song," "Fat King of Gods" and "One of Us Standing," among others. It was a very special event, so please go here to stream it (click "HighSierraSurprises") and click here to download the podcast and re-live the dream.

[Published on: 7/11/07]

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Kayceman starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/11/2007 01:17PM
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This evening was easily one of the best times i've ever had in my entire life. Thanks to Campy Harry, thanks to Mr. Davis, thanks to Mike and Benjy for taping it, and especially thank you to High Sierra... is it too late to start planning for next year?

Evan Bozarth Wed 7/11/2007 01:32PM
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Evan Bozarth

great recording guys...very intimate, and i was crackin up at the random comments from the crowd...like "how am i standing right now?"

flanders Wed 7/11/2007 02:07PM
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High Sierra is the best!

dordo212 Wed 7/11/2007 02:22PM
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that was only one of many camps to provide late night throw downs without the $20 bullshit attached. thanks to everyone who made that happen, not just jambase plugging jambase on jambase

jackiesoup Wed 7/11/2007 04:41PM
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I listened and I was surprised again.
Like Dylan or Cohen with Brad & his boys.
Keep it up Slipsters. Please..keep it up.
(Ontario soonie?)

istone19 Wed 7/11/2007 04:48PM
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yes guys great recording ;)

Fritz starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/11/2007 09:33PM
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That show was freeking off the hook. Possibly my festival highlite, and most certainly the most unexpected throwdown. Me and my buddy Tom walked away from that laughing shaking our heads. I'm sure that the roar at the end was heard all around the campgrounds, and Im also sure that people chilling at their sites were wondering, "Uh, what did we just miss" Thank You Jambase!

Natey starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/11/2007 10:54PM
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Best thing to happen this year.......

I needed some water during the Bassnectar set, went outside, proceeded to go back in, and there was a TOTAL jerk working the door. He was hassling everyone, including me. He implied that I "shared" the ink from the stamp....I showed him my ticket, and said this was "lame" then he flipped out and kicked me out!!!! MAN!! At first I was bummed, then walked by Camp Harry and had the experience of the entire FESTIVAL!!!

bigfro Thu 7/12/2007 11:02AM
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Arfantz DeLablarantz

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/12/2007 01:37PM
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I love how the Slip always pop up and play late at parties...saw them do this in boston once. they played some ol' bebop tunes and everything. hard working folk like the slip could be doing anything they want after a gig...even getting paid to play somewnere...but these guys like to rock parties. shows where thier heart is, dont it?

ddavidd Thu 7/12/2007 02:34PM
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The song "Unprotected" is on the new Thamusemeant CD available at frogvilleplanet.com
Great set- this New Mexican has been lucky enough to have been listening to Nathan & Thamusemeant for close to ten years.

chicoavenue Thu 7/12/2007 04:11PM
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stopped by this party on my way back from dumpstaphunk late friday night/early sat. Nathan Moore rocks in whatever he's in. totally understated, never disappoints, yr after yr after yr!!!! i'm a huge thamusemeant fan & had been wanting to hear fat king of gods that wkend (damm).
besides that another wonderful fun fun fun HSMF!!! my highlights: dumpstaphunk, anders osborne, brian auger's oblivion express, leftover, mavis staples, les, & thamusemeant.
other new favs: salvador santana, 56 new hope road, outformation, lynx, march 4th marching band, & reeble jar

RedHeaven starstarstarstarstar Sat 7/14/2007 09:17PM
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INcredible! I appreciate teh High Sierra treasures....even tho it hurts to miss out on them, hearing about them makes me warm and fuzzy. For every great moment you missed, you had another one somewhere else. Big cheers to camp spirit, and the magic of the band / fan line getting blurred into a one of a kind Sierra haze. Congrats to the Slip on their 10th HSMF in a row! Heres to our 5 day a year community that effects the whole year. It sure was good to be back!