MsS [R]evolution Continues:

[R]evolution was the studio album released by MsS (Moonshine Still) in 2005. The name was a telling one; since that time MsS has continued to evolve and renew itself with changes both in style and lineup.

The music that MsS (David Shore, Jon Joiner, Ray Petren and Trippe Wright) is playing now, is a fusion of Rock n' Roll and LiveTronica, bringing fans a fresh flavor of song structure coupled with improvisations that are sure to breathe a new life into the Rocktronic scene.

The new MsS sound is achieved by combining a guitar that is at once heavy and defiant as well as deeply psychedelic and moving, with keyboards that transport the listener from one sonic vista to another, together with a dab of vocals highlighted by a deep thumping bass and driving drums that humanize the electronic feel and transform it to a new level.

While MsS is poised to continue in its new format, it is with much love and sadness that the Moonshine Still family announces today that Scott Batson, our friend and lead singer, one of the founding members of the band, is leaving Moonshine Still due to health and personal reasons.

During the past decade, Scott has been an integral and very important part of our lives, and we feel blessed to have shared so much with him. We will miss having Scott with us, and wish him much success in his future endeavors.

Each and every one of us is grateful to everyone who has supported Moonshine Still over the years. You, our fans, have made it possible for us and our music to continue and evolve to this point. We hope that you will support Scott in his new musical path, and that we at Moonshine Still will be blessed with your continued support as we move on to what promises to be yet another exciting chapter in the continued evolution of our band and music.

Scott Batson's final performance with Moonshine Still will be Saturday, April 28, 2007 at Power Station (formerly known as Nashville Station).

Please visit or for additional updates and continued touring information.

The following is Scott's personal message:
"To my immediate and extended family, friends, and fans of Moonshine Still. It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that I must announce today that I will no longer be performing with Moonshine Still. My decision was not an easy one and after much personal struggle and thought I will be removing myself from the band due to ongoing health and personal issues. I have had some of the best moment of my life with Moonshine Still, and have learned a great deal about the music business, the world and myself. It has been an honor and a privilege to share the stage with my brothers and fellow musicians throughout my career with Moonshine Still. For almost a decade I have built my life around Moonshine Still, and was never more myself until I hit the stage to pour out my soul into the music under the lights. It gave me great joy through the years to look out from the stage and see so many people singing along. In those moments I knew I was not alone and felt truly alive. I thank you all for those moments and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My words have been my story and I love the music because I lived it. I will continue to write and play music with other musicians in my side projects as I work to take care of my personal responsibilities. I hope that you will continue to come out to shows and support Moonshine Still as well as myself as we enter into yet another new and exciting chapter in our musical evolution. I have nothing but the up most respect for my brothers and wish the best for them in their musical journey as they continue to travel, play, and grow. To all with respect and love..."
-J. Scott Baston

[Published on: 4/15/07]

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Patrick3 Mon 4/16/2007 11:57AM
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take care man. seein MSS on thursday!

k23orchestra star Mon 4/16/2007 12:34PM
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Scott you're the man, you saved my ass when I was sick and I missed you at the 12 Galaxies show. I hope that you heal well and create well in the future. You're loved immensely. al howard

Wilson75 starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/16/2007 01:12PM
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Wow! That is heartbreaking....I still remember first meeting and seeing these guys play live. I had a sense of awe and really envisioned alot of success for all those musicians up there. While I am sure this new endevear will be fabulous I will greatly miss the soulful lyrics and sound of Scott Baston's voice. Best wishes!

Chaloupka Mon 4/16/2007 01:13PM
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Falcor Mon 4/16/2007 01:35PM
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I have known Scott and the boys since Dec 03. Some personal highlights include them playing my going away party back in March '04. My Mom did all the artwork and ambience for the show; it was the only time she was well enough to be out and involved in my music. This was long before Falcor and Friends existed. My Mom spoke highly of Scott and MsS even in the last time we spoke before she passed away last August. I have such warm memories of being on the bus with the guys from Oregon to Santa Barbara after High Sierra four years ago. Or the Cracker Barrel with Scott in Atlanta.. In many ways, MsS was the first band I ever connected with in this scene. I would like to thank all the members of Moonshine Still, including Bill, Will & Scott; for the music they have made over the years, and the relentless ambition and passion for the music you have portrayed over the years. I am proud to call you all my friends and wish all of you nothing but success. I will continue to support you all in whatever projects you go on to tackle.

Get well soon are in my thoughts.

MaseBase Mon 4/16/2007 01:44PM
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Damn... Scott's vocals were always tight! he will be missed.

jalew Mon 4/16/2007 02:44PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


peace and good health!

Ston star Mon 4/16/2007 03:47PM
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A very sad moment in the music scene. I will miss those killer vocals Scott. "Sad Girl" is one of my favorite MsS tunes with Scott at his finest. Thanks for all the memories, especially NYE 2005 in Denver. Being the sober cab at your own show is something I will never forget and appreciate. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Peace.

beatstock starstarstar Mon 4/16/2007 06:33PM
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;[ best of luck Scott. wonder why??

happydestiny Mon 4/16/2007 07:49PM
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Best of luck with the health and other issues,
Long Live the MsS
(came across em looking at purchasing real Moonshine still's parts,instructions, or full stills on ebay like 5 years ago) but still have never yet seen em live, come to NW (other than seattle and portland)

(or I'll catch ya at some festi)!

fsgroover star Mon 4/16/2007 09:48PM
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Glenn starstarstarstarstar Mon 4/16/2007 09:59PM
Show -4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
fsgroover star Mon 4/16/2007 10:14PM
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Man you must not know this guy. Anyone who has ever met Scott will tell you he puts his whole heart into the music. And for almost twelve years Scott has been in Moonshine Still. It was his whole life. If he quit the band there had to be a good damn reason. As you can clearly see in the announcement above he was struggling with health and personal issues. Scott does not need luck he is greatly talented and will find much success in any and everything that he does.

MGT starstarstarstar Mon 4/16/2007 11:12PM
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Groover your so off base..If you don't like the Dance music that is cool but you obviously haven't listen to the band in a hot second because they've been doing that with Scott for a hot second....Seriously check it out...

fsgroover star Tue 4/17/2007 06:26AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

As I stated before MGT when they started to head into their new direction I lost interest. I am a fan of bands who write good songs with something to say. As is most of the natural world. I love the stuff they were doing with Will Robinson when he started to add in the computer, and I even thought when Jon Joiner came on that they would stay true to that but I guess it was only wishful thinking. Don't get me wrong these guys are talented, but you can be the most technical player in the world and still lack filling. This new sound is void of the best of what Scott did for Moonshine Still. Soul and substance. You can spin it anyway you want but it is still not Moonshine Still, MsS, Sneak Attack, Whatever. I have seen them more times than I can count from 2000 until now, and I have heard the new sound seen the disco light show and I still don't care for it, but I am sure they will find a home with all the other crap like this that is circulating around the bean eaters of the jam community. Good luck boys because YOU will need it.

MGT Tue 4/17/2007 06:47AM
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"I am a fan of bands who write good songs with something to say. As is most of the natural world." Actually statistics probably show that most of the natural world likes crap mainstream garbage that doesn't say anything...And why wish guys luck right after you say they are playing crap.....Since you obviously don't want them to succeed.

digggy Tue 4/17/2007 07:23AM
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sounds like he is coming out of the closet

ThePaste Tue 4/17/2007 09:51AM
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fsgroover starstarstar Tue 4/17/2007 11:13AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

You know what MGT you are absolutely right. I am just a little hurt and thrown off by the whole thing but really it is not my place to say that the stuff they are doing is crap. I like what I like and that is my opinion. I apologize for being so harsh but some of my views still stand. I will miss the old Moonshine Still, and Scott, Will, and Bill. I will be in Macon for the last show to give my support, but after that I have no plans of seeing the new MsS. I do sincerely wish them good luck with their music. Sorry for the harshness. Please forgive.

hipchick star Tue 4/17/2007 11:38AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Well I hate to hear Scott will be gone. He hands down has the best voice in the jam scene next to Brock Butler and some of the most tasteful lyrics I have ever heard. I hung out with some of these guys and P-Groove at Wakarusa. I say I have to agree with fsgroover David the guitar player is sort of a chode. I think he thinks he might be Gods gift to women and music. He was kind of wasted and talking a lot of shit around a group of people I was with and sort of made himself look like a feane. Of course we all do stupid stuff when we are wasted, but this guy was an ass. I will give it another chance just to be fair but all the best for Scotty boy. Peace!

BiscoBaker starstar Wed 4/18/2007 06:26AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Ok so what your saying is that now to add to the already astounding confusion of what kind of band Moonshine Still was before they got rid of their lead singer they are doing electronic dance music. Really! I have to say I am a little disappointed to see this. What was making a name for them was the fact that they had great vocals and tight structure as far as song writing. I caught these guys for the first time at Waka before STS9 a couple of years ago. They blew me up. I have been to a few shows since then and that lead singer just commands your attention. I am also a huge fan of the Bisco sound. I see so many bands that start out in the right direction and then stray from their roots to do the electronic rout. I liked these guys because they were original. Now they are just another party band. What a waste!

stantheman1 starstar Wed 4/18/2007 05:11PM
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I have to say that I agree as well with most of the statements that have been made here. Scott was the band and Moonshine Still is dead in the water. I do not know these guys personaly and the attacks are rude, but the music without Scott will never be the same. I would change the name if they have any serious hopes of future success with this jamtronic stuff. I will be on the look out for more music from Scott in the days to follow. Good vibes to buddy and keep singing!

hippyjessica starstarstarstar Thu 4/19/2007 12:09PM
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Well Moonshine Still....I'll always remember the good old days in Satesboro, GA seeing you guys at Mellow Mushroom, Horizon's or Blind Willies. They were a lot better back then, compared to the most recent stuff I've heard. My copy of Circle under the Sun is scratched up to hell! Good luck Scott.

Darwin1 starstar Fri 4/20/2007 01:28PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Are you guys kidding me? For real? I just bought the Revolution C.D. online, and the only reason I took a liking to these guys was because of the vocals. What is going on? What the hell are these guys doing? They had a really great sound and now the rest of these guys are going to play jamtronic music? What rip off! There must have been some crazy shit going down for so many of the core members to quit in such a short amount of time. Well hello and good bye all at the same time MsS.

Stacy420 starstar Fri 4/20/2007 01:36PM
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I love all these guys and know them all on a personal level. Scott you have touched me in so many was. You even saved my life without knowing it. I expect great things from you and your music in the future. To the rest of the guys I wish positive success and love but without Scott it will never be Moonshine Still again. Good luck to you all!

Donnawanna starstarstarstarstar Fri 4/20/2007 01:43PM
Show -4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
Umunity Fri 4/20/2007 03:11PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I heard the new sound and I hate it. Next.

TenTed star Sat 4/21/2007 12:46PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I was in Knoxville last night to see "New" MsS. I was not impressed. I flew down to see a couple of friends and to catch the show but had no idea that the lead singer had quit. I have two of these guys C.D.s and was expecting to see great vocals and solid song writing. What I got was just short of a garage band and video game music. Maybe if I had been on allot of drugs this might have been a great show for me but I would rather see what I have been hearing on my C.D.s then to watch a second rate electronic party band. No Thanks MsS!

jubastank Sun 4/22/2007 11:19AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Moonshine Still could have made comfortable livings, doing what they loved, for the rest of thier lives, and probably had a good time doing it.....but as time went on...other people became a part of thier family and ate alive what they used to be about....ROCKTRONICA? Jesus....that just sounds stupid....can you imagine playing rocktronica for the rest of your musical careers guys????? Scott Baston is Gone, Will Robinson is Gone, Bill is Gone......moonshine gone. Good luck being buzz monkeys...

MGT Sun 4/22/2007 01:17PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Yeah Jubastank you are definately right.
It definately wasn't the band that decided to evolve musically.

atlcatsmeow Sun 4/22/2007 08:16PM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Regarding the comment that Scott is likely strung out somewhere in rehab, nothing could be further from the truth. I know him personally, and while we have had our ups and downs over the years, one thing I will credit him with is his sobriety. People need to realize the reality behind the scenes for many of these bands. In the current jam band scene, only a few bands actually make enough money to financially support themselves without other help. It's not like they can get a job then say "hey, I need two months off to go on tour. See you in November, and then I can't work weekends after that." While it is true that many of them are extremely talented, it is also true that a great deal of them live below the poverty level, many being soley supported by their spouses, families and benefactors. Most of the money these bands do make goes into touring costs, music production, management and booking. These people are giving up a great deal of their lives to make music for you. This is not Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. How long should a person sacrifice their future financial security, family relationships, health, sanity, and a normal life to persue a dream that may or may not happen? Will Scott continue to make music? Most definately. Will MsS go on without him? Of course. To say he is holed up in rehab or quit because it was the cool thing to do is short sighted and naive. It's more like he decided to ground himself before there wasn't a life to go back to.

A lot of the negative stereotypes and assumptions I've seen in the aftermath of this are both cruel and hurtful. I had to say something.

Dannyboy311 starstarstarstar Sun 4/22/2007 09:15PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I as well know Scott and he is one of the most humble musicians I have ever met. I have seen these guys since the Macon Music City days. These guys have always found ways of pushing the music forward to the next level. As far as the "New Sound". What I saw in K-Town was heart breaking. I missed the thoughtful lyrics and songs that I love so much. What I got was chopped up butchered versions of the old stuff turned into dance town USA with David as the Mayor. I found myself at the back of the room heart broken at what I was hearing, and not hearing. The lights were giving me a headache all night and my friends and I decided to split early. I am going to try to be in Macon for Scotts last show. My memories of the Moonshine Still that was and what it could have been will always stay with me. MsS is gone and dead after 04/28/07.

nashfunk Mon 4/23/2007 06:13AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

jubastank, to think that they were making comfortable livings shows how out of touch you are. I thank these guys for scraping by, band-aiding their van just to get to the next show and perform. If they were all about making a living they would have given up long ago.

and thanks to atlcatsmeow for the alternative insight. I agree with all of that.

as far as the rest of the comments, some are honest opinions and I respect that... and some are just being hurtful. But the jam scene is full of cynical elitists who always have something smartassed or negative to say, so I guess I expected it. Just know that Scott has made a personal decision to step down, which I'm sure he feels is the best thing for him. Personally, I'm just so glad I've had the pleasure of hearing this evolution over the past 10+ years (which is a pretty good run if you ask me) and the evolution is not over yet. It's taking a turn, but I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Scott Baston. And the remaining members are still the talented musicians we've been seeing. Not everyone will love the jamtronic thing, but musically it's good stuff. I'll be at the Macon show and I hope to see a ton of folks there.


Ashtonrag starstar Mon 4/23/2007 06:49AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Thank you nashfunk for the insight. I agree with you and I also agree with allot of the statements that were made from some of the other post. Yes Scott has moved on to greener pastures, and the rest of the guys will continue with the Jamtronic thing. The rest of the guys indeed are very talented musicians and I feel that there is a market for what they are doing now but I guess I just expected more from these guys. I have heard and seen the new stuff and I just plain do not like it, and I hope out of respect to the music they will change the name. Electronic jam music has become the safe sell out of the jam scene. To me that is no better than some of the sell out mindless stuff you see in the mainstream. It is party music for the sake of the party. It is very self serving. People like it because they do not have to think much to listen to it. They can just pop some beans and bob their heads all night long. I do not see much depth in that. What Scott did for the band was bring a message. I saw this change happening a long time ago when Will was in the band. The music became more and more drawn out with less and less vocals. I love to jam but I they took it too far. I do not think Scott stepped down because he really wanted to, I feel he probably felt a little out of place. He is a song writer, and a damn good one at that I may add. I know this is not the last we will hear from him, but after the Macon show it will be the last I see of Moonshine Still.

stairway to freebird Mon 4/23/2007 08:56PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

stairway to freebird

I didn't have the chance to catch them all until last Nov... incredible experience. I'm sad to see a piece of such an assembly of musicians that moves the heart, head, and feet. I will catch their 2-night stint in Savannah shortly after Baston leaves. I am prepared to be impressed again, but hold much love to the soon departed member! Keep MsS alive with support, and yr. love will reflect in the music.

jubastank starstar Thu 5/3/2007 10:36AM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
MGT Mon 5/7/2007 11:50AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Yep...That light guy sucks...He's such an asshole..You should definately go ahead and tell him first hand though instead of being a tool on the internet.

jubastank Tue 5/8/2007 12:58PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Didn't say you suck MGT and I only said the manager was a dumbass, I only said it was a foolish expense, if no one was making money. I was never a fan of MSS in any form and I don't mean to talk out of school, but I bet any of them would agree that a simpler operation, meaning more money for them, might be a good idea after 11 years of playing...

Naterdog1 star Wed 5/9/2007 04:00PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

MGT it is no mystery how you feel about most everything having to do with Moonshine Still and any other band that you like or do not like. You are a shit talking weasel and your lights are sub par at best. I would like you much more if you would stay off any web-sight with your one sided opinions and insight. Ever since you started doing the light show for Moonshine you and the progression of the bands " New Sound" has annoyed the shit out of me. I was a fan from the old school who grew with the new school. Without Scott you guys are spinning your wheels. I do not care for you or anything you have to say. You are so full of shit and yourself. One day you are going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and they are going to clean your clock. Fuck Off! How is that for being a tool on the internet.

Tbone Wed 5/9/2007 05:25PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Naterdog is the best LD in the world.
that wont make up for him being a DUMB ASS.
let it go fella's. This shit is over.

nashfunk Thu 5/10/2007 12:11AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


First of all I should not even respond because I think nothing good is coming from this discussion, but I just spent 9 hours driving today and now i have a Crown buzz so here goes...

Moonshine Still was a simple operation for a very long time and how far did that get them? They expanded their product and marketability by adding other people to the show. Booking agents, managers, lighting director, etc... all in an effort to put on the best show possible and win over new fans. I think they needed that. Any band looking to get to that proverbial "next level" needs that. I can't speak on what may or may not have caused any shake ups, but I think any band out there does what they think they need to do and then crosses their fingers, because there's a lot of luck involved in this business. This band was on the cusp of greatness so many times. I feel like every year we were saying 'this is their year'. It all seemed so obtainable. Anyone could have an opinion on why things have happened this way, and while I don't agree with all the opinions here I do respect them. Personally, I love everyone involved too much to talk shit. For whatever reasons things have happened, one chapter is passing and there is now new music to be made. I look forward to what lies ahead. I will get to see Scott play in Macon all the time now... Will is here too... and Bill is still around as well. It remains to be seen what the rest of the boys have up their sleeves but the music is not over. The name may change, but you haven't heard the last of these guys.

So I'm going to stop acting like this is a funeral or something and just say that it's been a fucking rocking decade of music and I'm proud to have been there for it... and bring on whatever happens next.


jubastank Thu 6/28/2007 08:46AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Evolution....hate to say I told you so...Something Japanese