Interview | Photos | Matthew Vasquez | Delta Spirit

By: Casey Shafer

Matthew Vasquez by Beau Hause
Matthew Vasquez, singer/guitarist for Brooklyn by-way-of-San Diego quintet Delta Spirit, sat down with us to talk about busking, new guitarist Will McLaren, songwriting, the future of Middle Brother, and much more.

Click here to see photos from the November 9 show at The Fillmore in San Francisco!

JamBase: This has been a pretty big year for you guys. This is your biggest headlining run to date right?

Matthew Vasquez: Yeah, it has been somewhat similar to what we have been doing recently but the Wiltern [in Los Angeles] is a big step up.

You guys are also playing the Fillmore here in San Francisco; would you say that that is a little step up from your previous busking?

(laughs) It definitely is…

…I was told you still do that from time to time.

I didn’t know that that was written anywhere. How did you know that?

I stalk you. I’m actually right behind you (laughs)…

…That’s funny. Yeah, I still do it

I’m curious why. What’s the motivation behind that?

Because you never know when your going to need [the money]. I don’t know, it’s an interesting thing. You get in a different mind-set when you play in that capacity. It’s important that your music connects [with people] on any level.

Will McLaren by Beau Hause
Speaking of your songwriting, this past record, that was the first record that you guys did with Will McLaren. How has the process changed since Sean [Walker] left the band?

Kelly [Winrich] and I are the predominant songwriters in the band. We then will typically argue our way through the arrangements as a band. That argument was different with Sean. We would have to make sure that there was always this hole [in the song], to let him come in and be himself. Sometimes it was incredible and sometimes it wasn’t so incredible. On the second record we didn’t have a guitar player so it was largely Kelly and I filling in that role. Will is a phenomenal guitar player; I don’t know how to stress that enough. We just did this really fun show as a wedding band …

…Wait, what?

We played in a wedding band together because our friend was getting married. Some friends [in other bands] and us, we just had a good time. My point though is; all of the other bands at the wedding were coveting my guitar player. It makes me very proud (laughs). He can play anything you throw at him; but what he wants to play is our music. I’m full of pride (laughs)

One of the things I like most about your band is that the support acts you take out are generally really phenomenal; Waters for instance.

Delta Spirit by Beau Hause
Yeah, we have pretty good track record. We have taken FIDLAR, Waters and Other Lives out on tour…a lot of great bands. We try to make sure the ones we take out don’t taste too much like fruit loops (laughs). I’m not going to list off a bunch of bands, but there are so many out there just have no content in [their music].

You mentioned the wedding band side project or whatever you want to call it, which made me think, do you have any plans to do another Middle Brother…

…NO (laughs). I love those guys and it’s a mutual thing. The only time we have played together since that last tour we did was last summer. It was this drunken crazy last minute decision at a bar at Newport Film Festival. We just said, “Fuck it! Let’s do it!”

I am excited to see you up here [in San Francisco]…

We’re really excited to get back up there. Hang out with the Waters guys… I miss the San Francisco hangs.

Click on for photos from the November 9 show at The Fillmore in San Francisco

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