The Disco Biscuits started their spring tour last night at Palookaville in their new hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. From the start, it was clear that they were excited to get on the road and that they had put a lot of thought into their music recently. Obviously concious of their new album efforts, They Missed The Perfume, the recent hype of their shows by members of the "industry", and the general growing consensus of people that have been looking to the forefathers of trancefusion for musical inspiration, The Disco Biscuits took the stage and shot right out of the gates, immediately launching into arguably one of their most epic songs to date, "Above the Waves."

This version of "Above The Waves," however, was a bit quick on the draw and showed an antsy side of a band who was eager to get on the road. It felt like they were anxious to reach those wonderful points of music epic-ness too quickly, and thus it was a bit difficult to completely dive into the beginning of the Waves jam...quickly overcoming any opening night jitters, the jam built to a powerful peak and brought the theme back to a rousing explosion. We were off - woohooo!

The highlight of the first set came out of a huge "M.E.M.P.H.I.S." which broke down in a smooth and beautiful transition into "Haleakala." This was my favorite jam of the night, a hip-hoppy DJ groove which sounded like 6 or 7 instruments with all the toys and effects that Sammy and Mags were both playing with. Without peaking, this jam displayed an absolutely incredible air of patience, and the band elicited a huge response of applause from the crowd as the jam faded into the progressive island vibe of "Haleakelah Crater." It was one of those jams that validated all of those mental feelings you have about the Biscuits; the complex beauty brought a smile to all the faces of the kids. It wasn't overly hard rocking, just pleasant and pretty, and taken to the next level with this mature and nuturing sense of musical awareness.

Another highlight of the show was the enormous standalone "Shimmy" second set opener, as well as the Floes that followed. The very very end slowly segued into "Floes," but the "Shimmy" was pretty much on it's own the whole way. Both of these numbers were huge, a Shimmy opener really gets the blood flowing. The band's energy and excitement was matched step for step by the comfortable crowd, who were happy to have plenty of dancing room at Palookaville last night... truly a pleasure to watch and groove to the high-steppin', low-rumblin' bass of LukeStone.

The "Ladies > I-Man > Ladies" was phenomenal. The jam out of "I-Man" was quite simply the best of the evening... building slowly to a gigantic peak and crescendoing magically to the end of "Ladies." Did I mention the patience?

The "Dribble > Highwire > Dribble," while sick, felt like it was something they had been planning for a while. Clearly looking to re-create the new album in the way it was meant to be played (w/ "The Big Happy") was fun, exciting, embarassing, silly, cool, laughable, overwhelming and huge all at the same time. But when the show let out, "I I, I had a dream when I was five" was in about a hundred or so heads. We probably said, "I I" on the way home about a dozen times, so the boys did their jobs and got inside my head.

How does one describe a Disco Biscuits show? "Yeah, that song jammed out into an epic peak, and that song went huge, and then that song blew up and went over the top..." It's really so very difficult to explain in words, and thus I'll stop talking about it now. The only advice I have is to go in without any expectation of greatness or hugeness and then allow yourself to be pleasantly blown away.

Get the album and listen to it on repeat about ten times, and I think you'll be so much more prepared when you hear that lick to "Spacebirdmatingcall" or the chorus to "Highwire", as these licks are poised to show up all over the place as the album becomes common knowledge, resonating in the skulls of bisco lovers all over the country.

The bottom line is that there is a band on tour who is pressing the limits every night. Breaking new ground and working their asses off to create magnificent and monumental musical moments from stage everytime they step on it.

Welcome to Spring Tour 2001, and we hope you survive...

Andy Gadiel

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03/22/2001 Palookaville - Santa Cruz, CA
1: Above The Waves, Widow In The Rain, M.E.M.P.H.I.S. > Haleakala Crater, Crickets
2: Little Shimmy In A Conga Line > Floes, The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night > I-Man > The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night, Mindless Dribble > 1 > Highwire 2 > Mindless Dribble

1 With 'Voices Insane' tease. 2 First time played.

[Published on: 3/23/01]

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