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  • I just started using JamBase. What should I do first? Welcome to JamBase! We're glad to have you here. If you haven't registered, you should do so in order to create a My JamBase account. With My JamBase you can track your favorite artists, keep a personalized show calendar, and connect with other show-going friends.
  • I can't remember my username & password! What is it? Fear not! Enter your e-mail address into the Forget Password field and it will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you used to register for JamBase.
  • How do I track my favorite artists? There are a few ways you can track artists.
    1. When you're viewing an artist profile on JamBase you can click the "Track this Artist" link just below the artist name in the red header.
    2. To add multiple artists to your Tracked Artists list at once, navigate to My JamBase > My Artists, then click on the "Add / Edit" tab. In the top left hand corner of the white content area, there is a text box "Track Artists to Stay in the Loop". Here you can enter a list of your favorite artists on separate lines. Then click the "Add" button below the text box. The next screen will confirm that we found the correct artist(s) you entered. Once you've looked through the artist search results we provided, click "Next" and the artists you checked will be added to your list.
    3. Lastly, you can add many artists to your Tracked Artist list by uploading your iTunes Music Library file. JamBase will read the artists in your library of music and provide you with a simple way to select which artists from your iTunes you wish to add to your list. For more information on how to upload your iTunes library, see the question below "How do I upload my iTunes library file?".
  • Can I remove an artist from my Tracked Artists list? Yes, simply navigate to My JamBase > My Artists, then click on the "Add / Edit" tab. On the right side is a list of all of your "Tracked Artists". To select multiple artists, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard (Commmand key on Mac) while clicking additional artists. Then click "Remove" below. You will need to confirm once again "Are you sure you want to remove the selected artists?" Click "OK" to continue and cancel if you're not sure.
  • How do I track artists using my iTunes Music library file? You can easily add artists to your Tracked Artists list from iTunes. Start by navigating to My JamBase > My Artists, then click on the "Add / Edit" tab. In the bottom left hand corner, there is a section titled "Import Your iTunes Artists". Click the Browse button and locate the XML iTunes Library file on your computer, named "iTunes Music Library.xml". For Microsoft Windows based PCs, the file is typically located in My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml.
    For Macintosh users, the file is often located at Home/Music/iTunes directory.
    Note: There is a 40 MB file size limit for this upload. Large files may take several minutes to upload, please be patient.
  • What does importing my iTunes library do? Importing your iTunes library file does not add your songs to JamBase or upload any type of audio file. Instead, JamBase looks through your iTunes Library file and adds the artists from your iTunes music collection to your Tracked Artists list. After importing the file, you will be taken to the next screen where we ask you to confirm that we found the correct artists on JamBase. After looking through your list and making any changes, click "Next" and the artists you selected will be added to your Tracked Artists list.
  • How do I add a photo to my profile? To add a photo to your My JamBase profile, navigate to My JamBase > My Photos and then click on the Add More Photos link in the upper right hand corner of the thumbnail photo page. Here you can upload up to 5 photos at once. The photos must be 200 kb or smaller and formatted as ether GIF or JPG/JPEG file types. Click the "Browse" button next to the "Photo 1" input box. Locate the GIF or JPEG file on your computer you wish to upload. Click the "Upload" button. It may take a few seconds to upload the photo but if your file has met the criteria provided above, your photo will be uploaded and a message "Photo Successfully Added" will appear.
  • How do I change my default photo? To change your default photo, navigate to My JamBase > My Photos. Under each photo, two links appear [Make Default] & [Edit]. Click the "[Make Default]" link under the photo you wish you make your default image.
  • How do I remove a photo from my profile? Navigate to My JamBase > My Photos. Click the "[Edit]" link under the photo you wish to delete. On the next page, click "Delete" and confirm "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this photo?" by clicking "OK".
  • How do I add/edit a caption for my photos? Navigate to My JamBase > My Photos. Click the "[Edit]" link under the photo. Then click the "Edit Caption" link. The page will reload with a input field below the photo. Enter your photo caption and click "Update" to save.
  • How do I update my profile information? Simply navigate to My JamBase > My Bio. Add/edit your information here and click the "Update Profile" button.
  • How do I join a group? To join a JamBase group, you must be invited by a group member.
  • How do I create a group? JamBase groups are a great way to keep a group of your friends or similar fans updated. Navigate to My JamBase > My Groups. Click on the "Start New Group" link. Enter the desired name for the group and then provide a short description of what the group is for. Then click the "Create Group" button. The next step will be to invite people to your group.
  • How do I post a My JamBase Journal entry? My JamBase Journal provides a new place for you to share your live music experiences with others. To write a My JamBase Journal entry, go to My JamBase > My Journal and click "New Journal Post" in the upper-right hand corner of the content header. Enter the Title and Body of your Journal entry. Below the body, you can enter "Associated Artists" that this post is related to. You can then "Save as Draft" if you want to wait to publish it later; or you can click the "Publish" button to post your new Journal entry now. If you entered Associated Artists, the next screen will ask you to confirm the selected artists before publishing your post.
  • Can I get a RSS feed of My JamBase Journal? Yes! To find the feed for your My JamBase Journal, navigate to My JamBase > My Journal OR to your Profile page. Click on the orange RSS icon RSS Feed Icon in the upper right hand corner of the Journal module.
  • How do I send a fan or friend a JamBase message? To send a private message to another JamBase member you must first be JamBase friends with that person. If you're already friends, go to My JamBase > My Messages, then click the "Compose" tab. Select the friend's username from the "To:" drop down list. Enter your subject and body, then click the "Send Message" button.
  • How do I become JamBase friends with someone? There are 2 ways to become JamBase friends with another live music fan. The first is to send a friend request to someone who is already a JamBase member. To do this, visit their profile page and click "Invite to be friends" beneath their primary photo. Fill out the message form on the next page and click "send invite." The other option is to directly invite your show-going friends to join JamBase. To do this, navigate to My JamBase > My Friends and then click on the "Invite" tab. Enter your friends' e-mail addresses, edit the invitation letter if you wish and click "SEND." It's that simple!
  • Can I contribute my own writings to JamBase for you to publish on the homepage? Everyone is highly encouraged to contribute to JamBase! Much of our content is written by users just like you. Items like album reviews, show reviews, newswires or even featured articles are often submitted by JamBase users. If you wish to write an article or review, please visit the Submission Guidelines first. After you understand what we're looking for, you go Add your Story here.
  • How can I view my Profile page as others see it? To see your own profile page use this simple URL convention: This is a URL that you can share with your friends, too! In addition, you can visit My JamBase and click on the "VIEW MY PROFILE" link by your photo. Or you can always see your fan profile page by clicking on your display name in the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar near the "Logout" link.
  • How do I add a show to my calendar? Adding a show to your My JamBase calendar is a fun and simple way to keep track of your upcoming shows and to keep your friends in the know about your show schedule. You must be a registered JamBase member and be logged in to begin add shows to your calendar. You can add the show anywhere you see the Add to My Calendar icon ("Add to My Calendar"). You will know that it's been added when the Add to My Calendar icon changes to a green check mark I'm Going!. You can click this new icon link once again to go directly to your newly updated My JamBase Calendar.
  • I don't want anyone to know I'm going to a particular show-can I hide shows from the public? You definitely can choose how you want to share each show on your My JamBase calendar. You can opt to "Keep Private" which will ensure that your profile avatar does not appear on the event page. "Share with Friends & Groups" will allow only your friends and related group members see that you've added this show. And then finally, "Share with Everyone" will allow any public website visitor to see that you are going to the particular show. You can update this setting by going to My JamBase > My Calendar, then by clicking on the show in your calendar that you wish to change. A small pop-up window will appear above your calendar.
  • My plans have changed! How can I remove a show from my calendar? You can remove a show from your calendar by going to My JamBase > My Calendar and then clicking on the show in your calendar that you wish to delete. A small pop-up window will appear above your calendar where you can click the "[Remove show from My Calendar]" link at the bottom. If you are in the List View of your My JamBase calendar, simply click on the red Delete Icon next to the listing you'd like to remove.
  • Where do I change the show reminder for a concert in my calendar? Show Reminders are a great way to ensure that you don't forget that a show you're looking forward to is coming up. You can change the reminder option for each show in your calendar by going to My JamBase > My Calendar. Click on the show in your calendar that you wish to change. A small pop-up window will appear where you can change the "Remind Me" option as well as the share settings.
    Additionally, you can change the default reminder in your profile by going to My JamBase > My Account Info and changing the "My Show Reminders" option. Note that this will not change shows you've already added to your calendar, but will apply to any show you add to your calendar in the future.

Still not finding your answer? Don't worry, we're here to hear you. Please use our Contact Us page to ask us another question.

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