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  • What is JamBaseTV? JamBaseTV is an eclectic mix of music videos, backstage interviews and festival coverage brought to you in high definition wide screen format. Hot off the heels of the Langerado Music Festival in Big Cypress, Florida, JamBaseTV takes you from the front row to behind the scenes for up close and personal experiences with your favorite artists from yesterday and today.

    Video previews are presented immediately offering a highlighted glimpse into each segment, enabling you the viewer to control which piece of content you want to see in its entirety. Each stream is individually delivered based on listening history and preferences, providing a unique personalized video experience that caters to your tastes.
  • JamBaseTV isn't playing! First you need to make sure you have Flash 8 installed. You can get it here. You also need to make sure you have a fast broadband internet connection. JamBaseTV requires a pretty recent, fast computer. If you are having trouble getting it to play, first try closing any programs you might have running in the background.
  • The video is choppy or is pausing a lot to load. What gives? This is generally caused by one of two things.
    1. It may be that your internet connection cannot keep up with JamBaseTV. You need to make sure you have a decent Cable or DSL connection, and you don't have any other downloads happening in the background, or on other computers sharing your connection.
    2. It also may be that your computer is not able to process the video fast enough. To help this out, make sure you close any other programs running in the background.
  • What's the point? Why is everything going so fast? The reason you see a bunch of short clips of videos instead of full-length videos in a row (like you do on any other music television channel or website) is that we want to show you lots of videos in a short amount of time, and let you be the deciding factor for what to watch, not us. It's personalized television, with automatic channel-surfing. There is no rhyme or reason to the order of clips you see; every time you watch, you will start somewhere different and see a completely different stream of video clips.

    From there, it's easy: just scan until something catches your eye, then click to watch it. If you don't like it, click 'skip to previews' to start scanning again. If you watch the full-length video, JamBaseTV will automatically start scanning again when the video is over.

Still not finding your answer? Don't worry, we're here to hear you. Please use our Contact Us page to ask us another question.

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