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  • How do I add my Artist to JamBase? To add an artist please use the Add Artist link. This link can be found on both the Artists page and the Shows page.
  • How do I add or update the bio and photo on my band’s Artist page? Please e-mail the bio information and photo (300x200 pixels preferred) to bands at
  • Someone else added my band to JamBase. How can I take control of the page? Since JamBase relies on user-generated content, no one person has control of artist pages. All of our users can submit content as long as they have a My JamBase account. We look through all submitted dates to ensure accuracy and quality. If you'd like to update your band's bio or photo (300x200 jpeg), please send an email to bands at
  • There is another band with the same name as mine. Can I post my band too? Of course you can! In this situation we recommend that you add your band with the state you are from in parentheses after the band name- example: Phish (NY)
  • How do I track my favorite artists? There are a few ways you can track artists.
    1. When you're viewing an artist profile on JamBase you can click the "Track this Artist" link just below the artist name in the red header.
    2. To add multiple artists to your Tracked Artists list at once, navigate to My JamBase > My Artists, then click on the "Add / Edit" tab. In the top left hand corner of the white content area, there is a text box "Track Artists to Stay in the Loop". Here you can enter a list of your favorite artists on separate lines. Then click the "Add" button below the text box. The next screen will confirm that we found the correct artist(s) you entered. Once you've looked through the artist search results we provided, click "Next" and the artists you checked will be added to your list.
    3. Lastly, you can add many artists to your Tracked Artist list by uploading your iTunes Music Library file. JamBase will read the artists in your library of music and provide you with a simple way to select which artists from your iTunes you wish to add to your list. For more information on how to upload your iTunes library, see the question below "How do I upload my iTunes library file?".
  • Can I remove an artist from my tracked artist list? Yes, simply navigate to My JamBase > My Artists, then click on the "Add / Edit" tab. On the right side is a list of all of your "Tracked Artists". To select multiple artists, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard (Commmand key on Mac) while clicking additional artists. Then click "Remove" below. You will need to confirm once again "Are you sure you want to remove the selected artists?" Click "OK" to continue and cancel if you're not sure.
  • How do I add articles to my band’s profile? Articles listed on an artist's page consists only of stories that were submitted to JamBase by our editorial staff and writers. If you would like to add additional articles from outside sources you can easily add a link to the "Links" tab on the band's Artist page.
  • How do I add Goods to my profile? Currently we can only accept Goods links from Amazon and CD Baby. If you have links to your goods from one of these places, simply e-mail the links to bands at and we will post them on the Goods page for your Artist.

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