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Send us your tour information - we'll spread the word to millions of music fans... for free.

JamBase is making great progress in tour date information management and we want you to be part of it!

In order to streamline how we import and process your confirmed tour dates, we have built a set of tools to help you get your dates in our system and out to the fans as soon as possible.

How it works

Email us your tour dates in CSV format (see instructions below) and we will publish these dates on as well as broadcast them to our information partners such as AOL, Billboard, imeem, SPIN, iConcertCal, Rhapsody and Gracenote. As a result, your concert dates will reach millions of new fans, giving them greater access to the music they love.

.CSV (Comma Separated Values)

The format JamBase has chosen for importing your tour data is CSV. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values and is a widely used simple text format standard for passing data between two systems.

Most database programs have a very simple "Export to CSV" function which can typically be found in the "Tools" menu. Microsoft Excel can "Save As..." files to CSV directly.

Each piece of information in the CSV file is separated by a comma. We simply request that you put your fields in the order shown below, as "Artist, Date, Venue, City, State".

A short and simplified example file is displayed below:
Note: If one of your fields actually has commas in it, then that field can be surrounded by double quotes as shows in the last example above. Most database programs will do this for you when you export.

If there are two bands playing the same event, please include them on two separate lines. The first artist will be considered the headliner.

For date, please use the standard mm/dd/yyyy format for easier processing.

Microsoft Excel

If your dates are stored in Microsoft Excel, you can easily format them for export to CSV.
Simply arrange the columns as indicated below:
Once you are complete, select the File menu and "Save As..."

Save as File Type: CSV (Comma delimited) and name your file something intuitive such as the name of your agency and the date. (myagencyname-07-04-14.csv)

Then, simply email your file to for processing.

That’s it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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